Him and Me, Forever and Always

Justin and Selena have been to together forever. They started as childhood friends, to best friends, and then to love. Their love isn't like any other relationship. They see the hurt in their eyes and they see the joy in their body. But when Selena decides to take an internship in Australia for 3 years. Justin couldn't take it and went with her without telling his family. Now it is up to Selena and Justin to keep their secret staying together while on the other hand in their old town Justin is known to be missing. But also in Australia their relationship gets serious and they make the biggest decision to LIVE in Australia together. Forever and Always in Australia.


1. Long day

Selena's POV

I woke up on my bed with my arm wrapped around Justin. I squinted my eyes to see if he was actually there. "Justin?" I said while I yawned. "Yeah Selena?" he whispered into my ear. "Why are you on my side of the bed?" I said giggling while stretching. "Haha I don't know. I was on the other side before." he says. "Well, get up you promised me you would take me to the theme park." I say. "K fine get dressed." he says. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and I gave him a kiss. Today was the fourth of July and Justin was taking me to a Dorney Park to see the fireworks. I went to my closet and I went to go get a outfit that was American flag related.

I wore something casual and I also took something for the water rides. I wore my clothes and I wore my bathing suit under my shorts and see through blouse. I put water proof make up on. I kept my hair out to show off my blonde tips. I walked out of the bathroom and Justin kept staring with his jaw open. "Is it bad? I knew putting make up on will make me look weird." I said. "No, no its not that, you look GORGEOUS!" he says. i blushed and said "You always say that and I am not even wearing anything fancy." I say. "Calm down, Selena. Your are the most gorgeous girl on earth you don't need make up to look beautiful because you already are." he says. "Aw Justin you are so cute! Every girl wants you. I guess I am the luckiest girl in town." I say. "Well, do you want to go now? Or do you want to head down to Ihop and eat breakfast." he says. "I don't know. Lets head there now its gonna get crowded soon. " I say. It was a 15 minute drive and it was crowded. The crowd was pushing Justin and I a part. Justin quickly grabbed me by the waist and put his hand of my head so the sun wouldn't burn me. "You okay?" he asked. "I'm fine just give the guy tickets." I say. "So where do you want to go first?" Justin asks. "Depends. Where do you want go?" I said. "Wild Water kingdom?" he says. "Sure" I say. "What ride?" I ask. "There is fun ride called Lazy River." he says. "Well, ok." I say. I took off my blouse and I was standing there in my bikini top. Justin as guarding me so nobody can see me change. "You know Justin you don't need to do that I have clothes under." I say. "I know I just don't want another guy looking at you." he says. "Aw Justin I doubt a guy will look at me." I say. "I am still guarding you." he says. I pulled off my shorts and I was ready. Justin was about to take off his shirt until I said "Do I need to guard you?" I say laughing. "No." he says. He pulled off his shirt and a bunch of girls were checking him out. So I quickly wrapped my arms around Justin just so those girls will know he is taken. We headed to the lazy river and there were these tubes. We got a tube that fit two people and we started. It was slow and Justin and were just laying there relaxing and at one point we were piled with water. Justin and were laughing. I noticed again that those girls were followed Justin and they were catching up to us in the Lazy River. "Hey" one of the girls say. "Um hi" Justin says. "Is that your little sister?" the other girl said. Before Justin answered we reached the end. I was almost in tears. "What's wrong, Selena? Was it those girls?" he says. "Yes! Isn't it obvious that you are too good for me!" I say while crying. "Don't cry, Selena." he says.

Justin's POV

I didn't understand why she was crying it was a misunderstanding. "Selena it is okay. Those girls didn't know." I say. "Yeah your right. Today is a happy day and I shouldn't get mad." she says. "Well, where do you want to go?" I say. "Can we go to um..I don't know..where do you want to go?" she said while wiping tears. "Thunder Canyon?" I say. "Uh you can go alone." she says. "Why?" I ask. "I heard it has consisting of 14 waterfalls and 8 geysers, it is impossible to stay dry on this ride and also I heard it has a lot of bumps." she says. "You're going to be fine." I say. Since we had a flash pass we skipped the line and we were already up front. "Here is your raft, sir" the employee says. "Uh I am scared, Justin." she says. "Your fine." I whispered in her ear. She looked terrified so I wrapped my arms around her and she put her head on my chest. I held her so tight so nothing would happen to her. But it wasn't a bad ride. She was freaking out but it was fun for me. We finally stopped after 5 minutes. "Justin! That was scary! I almost died!" she says. "I was holding on to you so you didn't die." I say. "Want to go on a roller coaster?" I suggest. "Um sure but I get to pick." she says. "Uh what about Wild Mouse it seems like a kids ride." she says. I didn't want to tell her it was kind of scary. So I pretended it was not. "You sure, Selena?" I tell her. "I guess I mean it looks like a ride for kids." she says. "Ok then." I say. We used our flash pass and we got our cart. We started going steep and I already saw the fear in Selena's eyes. "Justin you told me this isn't scary. How come it seems scary?" she says. "It is scary for you but I didn't tell because we were in the front of the line." I say. We were going legit 28 mph and then it felt like we were falling but it was sharp turn. You could see Selena praying and closing her eyes while we go on sharp turns. You saw tears in her eyes which made you laugh. You could tell that she was regretting suggesting this ride. After we finished Selena said "Why don't we just eat and wait for the fireworks?" she says. "Good for me." I said. "One shrimp basket please and also a large cup of coke with two straws" I say. We got our food and we ate those girl past by again and I didn't tell them Selena was my girlfriend. So I put my hand on Selena's waist and I kissed her. "What was that for?" Selena says. "Uh it was tempting." I say. Selena smiled at me. After we finished everything we waited for the fire works and when it started the only thing I looked at was Selena. She was mesmerized in the fire works. You see her pursed lips smiling and see the reflection of the fireworks in her chocolate brown eyes. I knew this relationship was going to be forever. She looked at me and noticed I was staring at her. She pulled me closer and kissed me when the biggest firework came. While we were watching I could tell Selena was tired. So I suggested to go home. She fell asleep in the car while she was listening to her iPod. I noticed on her iPod screen that she was listening to the song i wrote for her on Valentine's Day. When we reached her house I reached into her bag and I took her house key. I carried her inside and I put her in bed. I kissed her hair and put the house key back in her bag. Before i left I saw her mom on the couch sleeping. I put the blanket on Selena's mom and I turned off the TV. Selena looks exactly like her mom. I noticed that everything I see reminds me of Selena.  

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