grey eyed maid

Jezzine is a poor peasant/farmer. Every commoner (girl) in the kingdom wants to have a job at the castle. It pays extremely well and you get to live in the castle with full meals. The only problem is that the only jobs available is to be a maid. And it's hard to get the job but only a few girls try out. Jezzine gets picked and she doesn't know how! Why did they pick her… or more importantly… who. And how will she keep her grey-eyed secret from the prince himself?


3. maid to princess (unwillingly)

i wake up in a grand room. probably a dream. the comforter is velvet and blue with gold designs around the hem. the silk sheets are also gold. the bed frame is dark wood with a canopy on top with silk gold curtains that are pulled back. light is pouring through the stain glass windows making colored lights spot the room. The whole room is beautiful. i sit up and suddenly a maid runs out of the room screaming "Shes awake! Jezzine is awake!" i rub my eyes and i realize that i am dressed in a cream colored silk night gown. someone had undressed me! i look around and then i hear the door to my room creak open. and there he is... the prince. i want to hurl as i look at him. 

"what do you want!" i snarl. this is NOT a dream.

"we know about your life back at home princess."

"What do you mean?" i am suddenly confused "no one knows of my life at home. I'm not a princess!  what are you talking about!"

"We know about Billy."

then i see darkness and i pass out.


i wake up. "Oh thank god! at least it was only a few minutes!" i here a woman's voice say, the queens voice. i sit up.

"Billy." i say immediately. 

"Yes we know about Billy," the queen says.

"Where is Billy?" i start to panic! Billy! where is he! what does the palace know about billy? they cant know about Billy!

"Listen Princess," prince Joshua says,"We know about how you used to live. How your 7 year old brother  is back at home. how there is only enough food on the farm for one person, and how the last time you ate at your farm was the first time in 4 days."

"Billy..." i murmur. "Billy... if you laid a finger on billy then i will kill you my self!" i snarl.

"we didn't," the prince says, "But you need to eat! you were so skinny when i dressed you!"

"YOU UNDRESSED ME!" i scream, "I QUIT!" i get out of bed and i sway and trip. the prince catches me in his sturdy arms, but i am unfazed, i stand up again and start to walk out. then guards step right in front of me so i cannot leave the room, i scream and try to run but the guard to my left picks me up and me on the bed again. "UGHHHHHHHHHH, why can't i leave!"

"Because your a princess." the prince says, almost a whisper.

I snap my head to look at the prince."i spent my whole life avoiding you!" i snarl "I am never going to love you!" 

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