grey eyed maid

Jezzine is a poor peasant/farmer. Every commoner (girl) in the kingdom wants to have a job at the castle. It pays extremely well and you get to live in the castle with full meals. The only problem is that the only jobs available is to be a maid. And it's hard to get the job but only a few girls try out. Jezzine gets picked and she doesn't know how! Why did they pick her… or more importantly… who. And how will she keep her grey-eyed secret from the prince himself?


4. He really loves me

"I am never going to love you!" 

he stands up. "you don't have to love me, you can pretend if you want to."

"Why did you undress me? why not a maid?" 

"Um, well all the maids are scared of you, and i thought that i might as well do it if we are going to get married." prince says.

thats when the queen gets up and leaves, "I will leave you alone."

"I hate you." i state without a blink.

He actually looked a little hurt. But i didn't care.

"I'm sorry..." he looks at the ground "Its just been hard because my families been pressuring me to find a queen. They were worried that the era of the Grey Eyed Queens had come to an end. I really wanted the future Queen to be grey eyed so I know certain that she would be the right person for me. I really want this to work out."

"Well its not!" I snap and look away. "Please..." He struggles to find the words to calm me. 

"Just go away!" I scream and then look away. How could one stupid job make my life crumble into a billion pieces. I spent my whole life hiding my eyes so I can live in peace. WHY

He turns and leaves. As he leaves i see a single tear push its way out of his eye and splatter to the floor. He quickly turns but I saw it. Hours after he leaves I am still there thinking of one thing...

He really loves me

he really loves me

he really loves me


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