grey eyed maid

Jezzine is a poor peasant/farmer. Every commoner (girl) in the kingdom wants to have a job at the castle. It pays extremely well and you get to live in the castle with full meals. The only problem is that the only jobs available is to be a maid. And it's hard to get the job but only a few girls try out. Jezzine gets picked and she doesn't know how! Why did they pick her… or more importantly… who. And how will she keep her grey-eyed secret from the prince himself?


1. Grey eyed maid

My name is jezzine but people just call me jezz. I live alone since my parents died. They were farmers. And now I can only take care of a small crop. Barely enough to live. 


I worked dawn to dusk today and I am so tired. I sip my watery soup. It only had 3 bits if beef and 5 pieces of cabbage. The rest is broth and water. I wash the chipped wooden bowl and put it away. I slip into bed. Anxious for the next day I am sure I won't sleep. But I fall asleep in a few seconds. I am that tired. 


the next morning I am at the gate of the castle. 5 other girls are trying get the job I want. The job is the princes personal maid. Not many people would dare try out for it because if you make one mistake then your fired. But it pays incredibly well. Also you get to live in the castle with 3 full meals every day. After the tests I know I won't get the job. I did a average. These two girls did amazing and I Know they will get the job. I walk out with my down. My heads always down… be because of my eyes. No one can see my eyes. It's a big risk getting a job here. But I am desperate. That soup I had was my first meal in 4 days. My eyes are grey… when your eyes are grey you have a destiny, the destiny is that you will marry the prince that is exactly my age. which is the prince that I almost became his personal maid. Close call… I hate the prince and I will NEVER love him! 


No …no no no no NO! I did NOT get the job! There must be a mistake! NO! I received the letter this morning… UGHHHH THIS CANNOT BE! 

…yet it is

… it's… it's destiny. WHY did I accept this job. They said that while I did average work, I was the only one who didn't… flirt… with the prince. Of COURSE I didn't! No way... Something else happened… I know it. Someone else other than the head maid chose me... someone else, but who?

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