Together or Apart (Sequel to Forever, Completed)

"Come on! You can't seriously love him over me can you?" He shouted, spitting on my face. "No! I NEVER loved you!" "TAKE THAT BACK!" He screamed as he got closer to me, I was backed up against a wall with no space to move. "Never! Because news flash! I LOVE HIM NOT YOU!!" "All right missy you just got yourself a one way to ticket to hell!" He raised his gun at me, I squeezed my eyes shut. What's going on? Will she die? Who knows? Just read it :) Copyright © 2013


15. Chapter 15


I started pacing around the living room nervously. Since the fire didn't cause too much damage to the house we weren't forced to move out temporarily. But we would have to remodel the kitchen. "Carter please stop pacing, you're making me nervous as well as creating a draft." Niall stood up and walked over to me, setting a supportive hand on my shoulder while Louis and El sat on the couch looking just as nervous. "I can't Niall! I just can't! Our only daughter is in the hospital with probably a fifty percent chance of surviving!" He sighed, "You don't know that. She could be just fine." "Well how am I suppose to know that? The hospital hasn't called yet!" "What about Annabell? What about her baby? What about her health?" I stopped dead in my tracks, "Niall do you think I'm so self-centered I only care about myself? Of course I'm thinking about Annabell and her baby! And Harry too! I'm worried sick for them." "I'm sorry I shouldn't have-" "No Niall it's all right. It's just Tally's been through much that-" He set me down on the couch next to him, "I know, I know. I don't want to lose her either but we need to think positive and be optimistic." I nodded, "You're right. I need to calm down. She's in good hands and I just need to-" I was cut off by the phone ringing, "Answer it! It's probably the hospital!" Niall got up and scurried into the kitchen. Louis, El, and I just looked at each other with anxious looks on our faces. I knew were thinking and hoping the same thing. "All right. Thank you." Niall came back in and sat down with me. "Well?" We all asked him at the same time. "She's all right, just lost too much oxygen from all the heat and smoke. She's going to be fine." We breathed a sigh of relief. "Wait what about Annabell?" El piped up. "I don't know. They only mentioned Tally." "Well either way we've to go to the hospital." "I'll drive" Louis offered. We all nodded and followed him outside. We rode to the hospital in silence. We dashed in and up to the desk, "We're here to see our daughter, Thalia Horan?" "Yes, she's in room 305. Right down that hall." The receptionist pointed. We nodded, our thanks and headed down the hall. Tally was laying in a tiny cot when we entered the room, "Hi sweetie you doing better?" I knelt down next to her. "Mama?" "Yes it's mama. And daddy too. And Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Louis." "Fire." I looked at Niall with wide eyes, "Yes honey there was fire but it's gone now. No more." "Fire scary." Her eyes welled up with tears. "Oh sweetie" I took a hold of her tiny hand, "The fire is gone. There's nothing to worry about. You're ok now." "Annabell?" I had completely forgotten about Annabell! Taking the hint El grabbed Louis' hand and dragged him back to the desk and returned seconds later, "They're down the hall in 310." "Tally honey, daddy's going to stay here with you while mummy goes with Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Louis to visit Aunt Annabell and Uncle Harry all right?" "Mama, mama!" I shot Niall a look. "Princess why don't you stay here? We'll go and be right back." I nodded, "All right but don't take too long. I'm getting really worried." "I know. Everything will be fine." They left the room seconds later, I turned to Tally. "Where Daddy?" "He went to see Aunt Annabell and Uncle Harry. He'll be back." I lifted Tally out of her cot and held her close to me, "Everything's all right baby. Mummy's right here." Niall returned minutes later with a smile on his face, "I'm guessing everything is ok?" I asked getting up still holding onto to Tally. "Better than ok, come see." He lead me down the hall to Annabell's room where she was laying in her hospital bed holding a beautiful baby boy. "Oh my gosh Annabell he's beautiful!" She looked up at me with a huge smile on her face, "Carter! I'm so glad Tally's all right!" "Thank you, but that doesn't matter right now. Your baby is just so adorable!" "Thank you." She looked as happy I did when I gave birth to Tally. "Have you picked a name?" She looked at Harry who smiled, "Edward William Styles." "After Louis?" "Yep!" Louis smiled proudly like a kid in a candy store. El rolled her eyes, "He's a little too proud of it." "Hey! He used my middle name as his own son's middle name. Be happy for me El!" He pouted. "I am babe! You know that!" "I do" He smiled at her. "Could you guys not be mushy for two seconds?" Niall chuckled at my comment. "No Carter we can't." Louis stuck out his tongue at me. "Can we move on please?" Harry asked mostly to Louis. "Yes." Louis mumbled looking at his feet. "I'm so glad you and the baby are all right Annabell. And thank you for saving Tally." "I couldn't just let her sit under that table and cry." "I guess not, Tally? Tell Aunty Annabell thank you for saving your life." "Oh Carter there's no thanks needed." "All right kids, you've to clear out. We need to make sure everything's ok." The doctor came in and interrupted. "We should get Tally home anyway" Niall said to me. "Yeah. Congrats again Annabell! You too Harry." "Thanks guys, we'll see you soon." We said goodbye to Louis and El after they dropped us off and I put Tally down for bed. "I'm so glad everyone is ok. That fire really scared everyone." I told Niall as I laid down on the bed, stretching myself out. "Yeah, we're glad no one died." He said changing into his pajamas. "Yes very thankful. I don't know about you but I'm ready for bed!" "Are you now?" He asked flopping down next to me. "Yes I am, is that going to be problem for you?" "I guess not, I am pretty tired." "Good because I'm not in the mood to negotiate." He rolled his eyes, "Goodnight princess." "Goodnight Niall."

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