Together or Apart (Sequel to Forever, Completed)

"Come on! You can't seriously love him over me can you?" He shouted, spitting on my face. "No! I NEVER loved you!" "TAKE THAT BACK!" He screamed as he got closer to me, I was backed up against a wall with no space to move. "Never! Because news flash! I LOVE HIM NOT YOU!!" "All right missy you just got yourself a one way to ticket to hell!" He raised his gun at me, I squeezed my eyes shut. What's going on? Will she die? Who knows? Just read it :) Copyright © 2013


13. Chapter 13


* 5 months later * (sorry for the time skip but it's all part of the plan (: )

Ever since I was completely free of Christian my life has gotten so much better! I was no longer scared all the time, I back to my old self. Niall and I had moved out of our small apartment building and into a new house that seriously amazing. We had a huge backyard with a patio and pool. We were planning on getting Tally a play set once she got older but for the time being she had a little swing we would put her in her occasionally. Apart from the big backyard our house was a cute cottage that wasn't too big, it had two floors and a basement. I really liked the little white picket fence that went around it. I had told Niall that I've wanted a house with a white fence and he got me one. I was so thankful to have him. What we're really excited about is that tomorrow was Tally's first birthday! I honestly couldn't believe my little girl was turning one. We were all throwing a huge party for her. El and Annabell came over to help me decorate while the boys went and got food. "Carter these decorations are adorable! Tally is so lucky to have a mummy like you!" El gushed as she put another streamer over the backdoor. "Thanks El that really means a lot!" "I can't wait to have parties for my baby" Annabell looked down at her huge stomach, "I can't believe I'm due in six weeks!" "I know this is so exciting!" El started jumping up and down. "Ok you've seriously got to stop hanging around Louis so much." I stood there giggling. El fake scowled, "I know, I know I just can't help it! I love him so much." "El I'm only kidding you know I love Louis." We finished putting the decorations up and I went to help get Tally in her dress that Louis and El got her. "Come on sweetie please wear it! You're going to look so cute!" Tally looked away in disgust, "No." She was finally learning new words, but her favorite one was 'no'. "Please Tally, please! For mummy?" "No." "Oh dear, Niall!" Niall came rushing in seconds later, "What's going on?" "She won't wear the dress." "Ah." He replied raising his eyebrows, "Well have you tried bribing her?" "Bribing her? Niall she's one she won't take bribes." "How do you know? Let's just try ok?" I rolled my eyes, "Fine you can try but I doubt it's going to work." Niall took the dress from me and knelt down in front of Tally, "Tally will please wear the dress?" "No" "Are you sure? Because if you do daddy will give you candy" Her eyes widened, "Candy?" "Yes, Daddy will give you candy." "Dress!" He put the dress over head, turned to me and smirked. "Yeah well I was just about to offer her candy." He chuckled, "Sure you were babe, sure you were." "Whatever can we just get down to the party? Your family will be here any minute." "Very true" He picked up Tally and followed me outside to the backyard. Everyone was pretty much eating and talking to each other for the exception of Harry who was barbecuing. Niall's parents were the fist to come up to us and say hello. "So this is the famous Carter you've been talking so much about?" Niall's mum said to Niall, she was so pretty and sweet. I loved her already. "Yes mum, this is Carter." "It's so lovely to finally meet you!" I went to shake her hand but she hugged me instead, "Oh it's lovely to meet you too!" I said smiling. "And your daughter is simply adorable! She has your eyes." "That's what Niall keeps telling me!" I smiled at him. "Happy Birthday little darling!" Tally giggle-smiled. "I'm going to go visit with your aunt, I'll see you three later." "Your mum is so sweet!" I told Niall after she walked away. "Yeah she's pretty amazing" I looked at Tally in his arms, she looked tired. "I think it's her nap time" I said taking her from him. "Carter, there's a party going on. Her party. We can't just put her down for her nap now. The party will be over in a couple hours, then she can sleep." "Niall she's been up since eight o'clock this morning. She's going to get super fussy later if we don't put her down now." He put his hands up in surrender, "All right, all right. I'll go check on the food." "You do that." I quickly went inside and put Tally down for her nap and got back outside. "HEY CARTER!" I heard a familiar voice behind me. "Hey Lou, enjoying the party?" "Yep! El and I having a great time but she's ditched me to hang out with Annabell so I'm just walking around. I'm going to go bother Harry in a second." I giggled, "Very nice. Well you go bug Harry, I'm going to go find El and Annabell." I found them by the door drinking lemonade seconds later, "Hey Carter!" I sat down beside El, "Hey guys what are you talking about?" "I'm giving Annabell baby name suggestions but she keeps insisting on waiting 'til she sees him." "I'm sorry I just don't know what name I want yet so I was thinking about deciding when I actually see my son." "So you're officially having a boy?" "Yep! Harry was super happy, he's always wanted a son." "Well I'm so glad Harry got what he wanted." "So is he" Annabell rolled her eyes. "So El have you and Louis tried again yet?" I had been waiting months to ask her so I bit my lip. "Um not really, I think we're going to wait 'til we get married this time." "That sounds good." "Yeah, we just think it would be better that way." "I'm going to get another drink.." Annabell stood up and walked inside, leaving El and I alone. "I'm so sorry I asked El, I didn't mean to-" "No, no it's fine really. I've been needing to tell you that for a while now, I still feel about what I said to you that day." "El, you were so upset that day. It was probably one of the most terrible days of your life. I completely understand you feeling that way." "Are you sure? Because the guilt is still eating me alive." "El please don't fret about it ok? I'm fine, we're all fine." She nodded, "Yeah. I've got to stop worrying all the time, Louis says it'll give me frown lines." I giggle-rolled my eyes, "Yeah Louis sure knows-" My thought was cut off when I saw the barbecue up in flames. "Oh my gosh!" "What? What?" El followed my gaze, "Oh my goodness!" We got off our chairs and sprinted to the backyard where Harry was desperately trying to put out the fire, "Harry forget about it! It's spreading too fast!" Louis shouted. "Where's Niall?" I asked worriedly looking around the yard. "Right here!" He appeared beside me seconds later. The fire was spreading to the house, "No!" "It's all right love we can rebuild it." "Wait! Tally's in there!" I screamed. Niall immediately sprinted towards the house. "NIALL! NO!" Harry's eyes widened as he started to look around, "Where's Annabell?" El and I bit our lips, "She's uh.." "She's in there?! With my baby?!" Harry took off after Niall. "HARRY!" Louis shouted and ran after him. Liam and Zayn appeared out of nowhere and ran after him. I tried to follow them but El held me back, "No Carter, you can't." "My baby's in there!" I cried, tears pouring down my face. "I've called the fire department and they're on their way. Calm down." "I can't!"


I sprinted my way up to the backdoor where the fire wasn't too bad, 'Great! It's locked! Find a window, find a window!' I spotted one not too high up, "Harry! Boost me up!" "No way Niall! You'll get killed, let me." "No! I have to save Tally!" "And I've to save Annabell!" "Guys! Get away from there! The firefighters are coming!" Louis, Liam and Zayn were behind us. "I'm not taking any chances! I'm going in there and I'm saving my daughter!" "NIALL STOP NO!" I could hear Carter screaming my name feet away. I made my way up to the window and smashed it, tumbling in. "NIALL NO!" Harry climbed in after me, we looked around trying to find Annabell. "You go find Annabell and I'll go up and get Tally." "Right!" 'I had to get to her, before it's too late.'

*A/N DON. DON. DON! Big twist, big trouble! Will they survive? Don't know. Like, comment, favorite, and fan and maybe you'll find out (; <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*

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