Together or Apart (Sequel to Forever, Completed)

"Come on! You can't seriously love him over me can you?" He shouted, spitting on my face. "No! I NEVER loved you!" "TAKE THAT BACK!" He screamed as he got closer to me, I was backed up against a wall with no space to move. "Never! Because news flash! I LOVE HIM NOT YOU!!" "All right missy you just got yourself a one way to ticket to hell!" He raised his gun at me, I squeezed my eyes shut. What's going on? Will she die? Who knows? Just read it :) Copyright © 2013


12. Chapter 12


I tore off the sheets and ran next door only to find that the door was locked, 'Great!' I felt around on top of the door for the key, 'Where is it? Where is it?'. Sweat was exploding on my forehead, I had to find that key. "Looking for this?" Ryan our security guard was standing behind me holding the key. "Thanks a lot mate! I was lookin' for that!" I tried to take it from him but he pulled it away, "What the heck?" "Sorry I can't let you go in there Niall." "And why not?" "I don't work for you anymore." "What?" "That guy Christian offered me three times what you're paying me." "How could you? You were meant to be protecting us! But no! I bet you've been letting that in for months now!" "Good job Niall you're catching on!" "Whatever, no matter what I'm going to get in there to help her whether you're here or not." Before he could respond another scream echoed through the door, "CARTER!" I got no response. I had to do something, but Ryan wouldn't let me go anywhere. 'Why did I have to leave my phone in the bedroom?' Suddenly I had an idea, I had to get past Ryan to get into the room. I just had to. Carter and Tally needed me. I should probably get the baseball bat too.. 'You can do it Niall, you can do it!' After giving myself words of encouragement I bolted into the bedroom slamming and locking the door behind me. I grabbed my phone and dialed 911. After confirming that the police were seconds away I came out and again was face to face with Ryan. "Your girlfriend isn't going to make it you know." "You know nothing!" I shouted up at him, "And as for you, you're never working for us again! Or anyone else for that matter! You'll be too busy rotting in prison with that douche bag!" "Oh you little-" The police busted through the door before he could finish his sentence. "Where's Carter?" One asked. I pointed to Tally's bedroom that was still locked. "Stand back" He told me holding up a hammer, 'We could always get a new door'. The door was smashed to pieces I sprinted in after him. Carter was backed into a corner with Tally being held close to her with Christian aiming a gun at both of them. "Freeze!" The officer shouted, ordering for Christian to put his gun down. "Oh yeah? And what will you do if I don't?" The officer held up his own gun. Christian instantly dropped his gun, putting his hands in the air. The officer and couple more handcuffed Christian and escorted him out along with Ryan. Carter was still standing in the corner shaking. I took Tally from her and set her in her crib before pulling her into my chest where she cried openly. I carried her into the bedroom and set her down gently on the bed, "Shh" I tried soothing her. She just continued to bawl her eyes out. "He's never coming back here again, I can promise you that right now. We're getting a new security guard tomorrow right away and everything will be fine." She slowly looked up at me, "Niall you don't know that! He's incredibly-" "I know sneaky and dangerous. But we'll have more protection this time, a new security guard you won't turn on us." "What about Tally? She's practically been scarred for the rest of her life! What's she going to like when she's older? When she's my age? What if she ends up having an abusive boyfriend too? What's going to happen then?" I took a deep breath, "Carter please calm down princess. I just want you to get some sleep all right?" She sighed, "All right. I'll try my best. Goodnight Niall." "Goodnight princess, I'll be in a few minutes. I'm going to go check on Tally." She nodded and snuggled up beneath the sheets. I went into Tally's room where she still crying in crib, I lifted her up out of it and held her close to me. "It's all right Tally, you're safe. Nothing can hurt you, shh" I grabbed her blanket and wrapped it tightly around her. Seconds later her sobs had subsided and she was asleep. This had been a scary night for all us, especially Carter. I was just glad it was over and everyone was ok. I climbed in beneath the bedsheets beside Carter who was fast asleep. Minutes later I drifted off into sweet dreams as well. 

*A/N OMG lots of scary stuff! Hope you guys aren't having nightmares about these scenes(: Anywho! Sorry it was so short! The next one will be longer I promise! And just to let you know... Christian is gone for good now. No more of him! You may see his name in some memories of Carter's but that's pretty much it. Just to let you know :) Hope you enjoyed the chapter! Like, comment, favorite, and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx PS: Again please, please, please check out All or Nothing! If you're not reading it because you can't find it just go to my profile. It's right there, you'll see it. All right, I'm out peace!*

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