Together or Apart (Sequel to Forever, Completed)

"Come on! You can't seriously love him over me can you?" He shouted, spitting on my face. "No! I NEVER loved you!" "TAKE THAT BACK!" He screamed as he got closer to me, I was backed up against a wall with no space to move. "Never! Because news flash! I LOVE HIM NOT YOU!!" "All right missy you just got yourself a one way to ticket to hell!" He raised his gun at me, I squeezed my eyes shut. What's going on? Will she die? Who knows? Just read it :) Copyright © 2013


1. Chapter 1


I've been laying on this old air mattress in this dusty old room for almost a week. And for that almost week, Christian has done nothing but torture me. I had cuts, bruises, and now burns all over my body from the ways he beat me, he even made me be in this stupid video he was sending to Niall. And I was pretty sure my arm was broken, as I couldn't move it and every time I tried it would hurt. And everyday I would cry, over the fact that I was in pain, how I missed my mum, how I missed my old life without Christian, and of course how I missed Niall and Tally. The two people who had made my life happy again. And the rest of One Direction of course. No matter how many times I've looked for a place to escape, it was useless. Christian was less of an idiot then he use to be. So he had pretty much secured every door and window. And well also he locked me in this room so I couldn't get out even I tried. And believe me, I've tried. I sighed, 'I miss you so much Niall. I know you're probably scared out of your wits for me. But I want to you stay strong, I will get out this. Take good care of Tally, I know you will. Tell her that I'm all right and that I'll be home as soon as I can. And if you see that video please, please know that I'm fine. I love you Niall, never forget that.' As if I was I was sending him a thought. I honestly, honestly hoped that he was ok. I know I should be worried about how if I was going to survive or not but I was more worried about Niall. He was probably eating himself up about this, probably blaming himself. He always does that. I took another breath, 'He's fine Carter. He's fine.' Although I tried to reassure myself, I wasn't so sure. Suddenly the door swung open and Christian stumbled in. 'Was he drunk?' "Hey Carter" He slurred, 'yep definitely drunk'. I walked back until I ran into the wall. I was again trapped. Super. He stood right in front me, his breath reeking of alcohol. "Get away from me!" I screamed. "Come on Carter I know you want me!" "YEAH I WANT YOU TO GET AWAY FROM ME!" "Come you can't seriously love that dim Irish boy more than me can you?" "Yeah I can because I LOVE HIM AND NOT YOU!" "All right that's it!" Now he was mad. And because he was drunk it would be a lot worse. He raised his fist as if he was going to punch me but suddenly he passed out right in front of me. This was my chance! (I know, I know super cheesy line haha (:) I ran out of the building as fast as my sore legs could carry me, I needed to find a phone and get back to London. Or maybe to a hospital. A few miles up the street I found a gas station, probably where Christian got all his alcohol and found a pay phone. Luckily I had a couple of quarters in my pocket and put them in. I had two calls, first the police. Then the paramedics. After talking to both I pretty much waited for them to show up. They did within short minutes, well the paramedics did. The police went after Christian. They lowered me onto a stretcher and before long everything went black.


It's been almost a week since I found out about Christian kidnapping Carter. And since then I've been devastated and extremely worried. I haven't eaten in days and the boys are constantly worrying about me. I didn't blame them, I was worried about myself too. And poor Tally has been without her mum. She hasn't exactly noticed but I think she'll start to eventually. "Hey Niall we've got your mail!" Louis walked in with Eleanor looking cheery. "Thanks Lou." I said as he set it down in front me. "More bills. Wonderful." "Gotta love 'em! Got any carrots?" 'How the heck can he be this cheery?' "Yeah. In the fridge." "Yay! Thanks mate!" He said excitedly getting up and skipping into the kitchen. I looked at El who shrugged, "I honestly don't know. I ask myself questions everyday. Believe me." I chuckled for the first time in forever. "How you doing Niall?" She asked finally. "Absolutely terrible. I just want her back here with me." "I know, we all do. And we've all here for you until she gets back. And after that too of course." "Thanks El." "Next time Louis get all the mail. You dropped this on your way up." Harry and Annabell had appeared in the doorway. "Sorry! I was so excited to get my carrots." Louis said coming in from the kitchen with his bag of carrots. Harry handed me a thick envelope. "What's this?" I asked aloud. "I dunno open it." Harry suggested. "Gee I never would've thought of that, thanks Haz." "Hey El, I think I hear Tally upstairs do you mind?" "No problem, I'll be right back. Behave Louis." El warned him and went upstairs. I opened the envelope and a DVD fell out, nothing else. "That's weird.. there's not a return address." Everyone shrugged and just looked at the disk in my hand. "What do you think it is?" Louis asked with his mouth full. "I don't know, let's watch it and find out." I said getting up and putting it in the DVD player. I grabbed the remote and pressed play. The screen was black for a few seconds, probably covered by a hand. Then Christian's face appeared in front us. Everyone's eyes grew wide, "Is that?" "Yep." "Hello Niall, you know how I told you I'd send you a video of how Carter's doing? Well I wasn't kidding." He stepped back to reveal Carter tied to a chair, she looked horrible. All cut up and bruised. She was unconscious. I gasped, tears forming in my eyes. He set the camera on a tripod and walked over and untied Carter, "Wake up you worthless whore!" He kicked her awake. She opened her blue eyes, "What's going on?" She asked sleepily and looked around. "You're on camera. Say hi to your precious Irish boyfriend." She gasped, suddenly wide awake. "Niall please help-" Before she could finish her sentence Christian took a bat and whacked her in the face. Everyone gasped as we watched her fall to the floor, blood going everywhere. "SHUT UP! Tell him he has one week to get me my money or you die." Carter struggled to get her feet, I wanted to punch something. "Niall. You have one week 'til I uh.." "SAY IT!" Christian screamed at her. "I die." Tears falling from her eyes. "One week Niall or she dies." "Niall please, please-" She started to say before Christian shut off the camera and the screen went black. "Oh my gosh mate we-" Louis started to say before I got up and left the room.

*A/N Aw! Poor Niall :( Little does he know that she's fine! Find out what happens next... in the next chapter! Like, comment, favorite, and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*


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