Caged (The info, Characters, and other things)

Hey, so ....erm... This is just a book of pictures and explanations for my other movella: Caged. It'll contain pictures of the characters, information about teh characters, "visual aids" (i guess), and author's notes. The author's notes can be about anything from the chapter lengths to learning about the mutant animals.


2. Mobil Buildings, The Inner City, and Inside

So here's what that looks like...

This is the lit-up mobile building.I know the party is in the Inner City, but they have to go to the other side of the inner city to find the arena. The inside of the mobile building is really awesome.


Ist Floor, Rubylin- 

2nd Floor, Emerrilda-

3rd Floor, Moonlite-

4th Floor, Topaziana-

5th Floor, Dining Hall- 

6th Floor, Hair and Make-up Centre-

7th Floor, Aquamarianetta-

8th Floor, Garnetiliona-

9th Floor, Diamond City-

10th Floor, Sapphiria- 

Roof-top, -

So, that's the inside of the mobile building, when they take a tour in the next chapter. When they get to their room, and look out the window, this is what they'll see. The Inner City.

  So that's all for this chapter, and the next! These images have been provided for your visual aid, and experience!

Thanks for Looking,


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