Caged (The info, Characters, and other things)

Hey, so ....erm... This is just a book of pictures and explanations for my other movella: Caged. It'll contain pictures of the characters, information about teh characters, "visual aids" (i guess), and author's notes. The author's notes can be about anything from the chapter lengths to learning about the mutant animals.


1. Characters- Genevieve, Byrd, Blayze, Cody, and Starr

  WOOHOO! First chapter! Okay, in the first chapter of Caged, I'll be introducing the characters of Genevieve (The Main), Annaleigh (Vivi's sister), Byrd (Vivi's Bestie), Blayze (Another tribute), Cody (Vivi's love interest), and Starr (The Host). They're all from Sapphiria (What a difficult name I've created :p). So here we go! (P.S. I know that the pics of them are of famous people. Shut up about it.....)


Name- Genevieve Cassandra Hudner

Age- 17

Country Represented- Sapphiria

Weapon Of Choice- Throwing Knives, Spear.

Area of Skill- Hunt, Camouflage.

Personality Traits- Cunning, Intelligent, Swift, Hot-Headed, Cautious, and....Kind?

Description- Miss Hudner has long, deep brown hair, and blue eyes. Although, a majority of the time, they look brown. Miss Hudner is of average height, at 5'8".


Name- Annaleigh Kaelah Hudner

Age- 14

Country Represented- Sapphiria

Weapon of Choice- Bow and Arrows, Axe

Area of Skill- Healing, Camouflage

Personality Traits-Caring, Handy, Quiet, Well-Hidden


Name- Byrd Blu Nighman

Age- 17

Country Represented- Sapphiria

Weapon of Choice- Bow and Arrows.

Area of Skill- Hunt, Combat

Personality Traits- Intelligent, Ruthless, Sly, and Fast.

Description- Miss Nighman has mid-length,fiery, red-hair, and emerald green eyes. She is of average heigth, at 5'9".



Name- Blayze Emmett Zelinsky

Age- 21

Country Represented- Sapphiria

Weapon of Choice- Spear, Sword

Area of Skill- Hunt, Combat

Personality Traits- Strong, Relentless, Quick.

Description- Mister Zelinsky has rugged, blonde hair. He also has steel gray eyes. He is at average height at 6'1".


Name- Cody Vincent Myrs

Age- 17

Country Represented-Sapphiria

Weapon of Choice- Sword, Axe

Area of Skill- Healing, Hunt

Personality Traits- Quick, Simple, Kind, Caring, Thoughtful, Strong

Description- Mister Myrs has jet black hair, with a pair of matching eyes. He is of average height at 5'11".


Name- Starr Harmonee Tolbert

Age- 24

Position: Rank 13- Socialite.

Association with Caged: Host.


  Now, I used some celebrity pics (Selena Gomez, Cher Lloyd and Brad Kavanagh...) but I couldn't picture anyone else. More characters will be introduced later, but this is it for now. Yu can kind of see where the Hunger Games starts to set in...... 



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