Torn apart

One Direction exicts for almost three years now, but suddently Harry desides he needs to leave. Everyone thinks he just wanted a solo career, and that is what happened, but not what Harry wanted. He gets caught into something and tries to get out, but he can't if he doesn't want his friends to get hurt. Will things ever by the same again, or will Harry just stay like this and take no risks.

in the beginning you propably will think what is going on? but it will all become clear


11. trying to forget

Harry's p.o.v.

'Your hair is growing back.' Ed said with a smile. I stood up and walked to the mirror. 'It looks the same when I was at x-factor.' I answered. It was very curly and shorter then before, but at least it was growing back. Ed stood up and got me and him a beer. Finally I could enjoy things again, without bieng scared to get punished. 'Wanna play some fifa?' I asked. Ed nodded and put on his playstation. 'Tomorrow I'm going to the studio, but you can come with me if you want?' Ed said as we took a break from gaming. 'I would like to come with you.


I was looking out the window, thinking about last year. It was 23 December, and everyone was thinking about Chirstmas, I was thinking about the band. 'When you go back, will you guys start One Direction again?' Ed asked as we were sitting on the couch at the fireplace. 'I have no idea, I want to, I miss One Direction.' 'The fans want it to.' 'They want One Direction, not me.' 'Ofcourse they want you.' 'What do I have to tell them? Sorry the solo career didn't work out so I come crawling back.' 'No Hazz, tell them the truth.' 'You know I can't.' 'Let the cobs nag, it's your life.' Ed was right, I schouldn't let Peter controll my whole life, I was going back, and I wasn't going to wait. 'I'm leaving.' I said. 'Leaving?' 'I want to be back for Lou's birthday.' 'Aw, cute, let's get you some airplane tickets.'


Ed went to the airport with me, he decided to spend the holidays at his house in England. On the plane I got exited, I missed the boys so much, I didn't see them for two years, it was just to much, but I was healing and I was ready to start all new and fresh. It was almost morning in England. When we landed I inmidiatly went  to Ed's house with him. 'The boys are all at Lou's house tonight for Christmas Eve.' 'Then we are going to be there to.' I said, totally exited. 'Do they know you are here?' 'Nope.' 'Suprise suprise, Harry Potter is back from hogwarts and he took his friend Ron with him.' That made me laugh so loud my stomach started to hurt. 'You are laughing again, great!' 'I am great, a great wizard.' Now we were both laughing. I was happy and exited. I made us some sandwishes and we talked about the fun things in our life, all the good times. Everything is going to be alright. 


Slowly it was starting to get dark. I took a shower and stared at myself in the mirror. You couldn't see my ribs anymore but my body had a bruise here and there. I didn't want my mood to go down again so I picked some fancy clothes Ed had given me and got dressed. I dried my hair and cowbed it to the side, Louis thought that looked the best on me. I missed them, Niall's laugh, Liam's care, Zayn's chats and Louis' arms. I brushed my teeth and looked at myself with a smile. It's amright, everything is alright. I left the bathroom, Ed was done already. 'Ready to go?' He asked. 'Wait, just one more thing.' I went to his spare room and grabbed a large bag. 'What's that?' 'Christmas presents.' 'Haha alrighty, let's go.'


We stepped in the car and Ed switched the radio channel to Christmas music to get in the mood. Both of us where singing along very loud. When we irrived I jumped out of the car like a little kid that wants his presents, but I didn't want presents, I wanted my friends. Ed was right behind me, I already heard the music, slowly I brought my hand to the doorbell, my hand was shaking. 'Nervous?' Ed asked with a huge smile. I smiled back and pressed the bell. Not much later I heard foothsteps coming towards the door.

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