Torn apart

One Direction exicts for almost three years now, but suddently Harry desides he needs to leave. Everyone thinks he just wanted a solo career, and that is what happened, but not what Harry wanted. He gets caught into something and tries to get out, but he can't if he doesn't want his friends to get hurt. Will things ever by the same again, or will Harry just stay like this and take no risks.

in the beginning you propably will think what is going on? but it will all become clear


12. hold me forever

The door opened and their stood Louis. He looked up and His eyes got wide and his mouth fell open. 'Oh my god Harry!' He wrapped his arms around me and I did the same with him, we hold eachother so tight I could barely breat but I did't care. There we stood, both sobbing, holding eachother for minutes, I thought I would never let him go anymore. I heard the door open again and then and Niall came out. 'Louis are you cr-oh my god Harry!' The others heard it and ran out to join one big grouphug, I signed Ed to join. We stood their with the six of us, holding close. 'Come in, it's freezing.' Louis said as he wiped away his tears, I walked to the car to get the presents and then joined them around the Christmas tree. We all gave eachtoher presents and Louis stood up and walked to his room, he came back with a present. 'I kept the one for you apart, somehow I knew you where going to be here so, here you go.' I took the paper from it and inside the was a photoframe with a picture of us two. It was old but  one of the sweetest pictures of us.

'I helped him picking the pic.' Eleanor said. I smiled. 'Thanks boo, I love it.' 'And I got you something els.' Louis said as he gave my a purple box. I opened and inside there was a bracelet with charms, one said Louis, one said, Niall, one said Zayn, one said Liam, one said Harry and one said One Direction. 'I don't know what you think but we don't want to give up the band.' Louis said with a half smile, he helped me putting it around my arm. 'Me neither, and this is beautiful.' I stood up and grabbed my presents for Louis. 'This one is for Christmas.' 'Thank you.' He opened it and took out a snowglobe with a picture of the band. 'If you shake it the snow flies around.' So louis shook it. 'Cool.' He stood up, walked to his tv cabinet and put it down. Louis stared at it with a bright smile. 'I like it.' He said and turned back to me. 'Oh, also, here's your birthday present, happy birthday Sweetcheeks.' He took the present, thanked me and ripped the paper, inside there was a stuffed bear. 'A stuffed bear for my boobear.' I chuckled. Louis crawled to me and gave me a hug. 'Oh Hazza, what shoulod I do without you.' We had dinner together and talked a lot. It was cozy. No one talked about bad things, only about good things and about starting up the band again. 

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