Torn apart

One Direction exicts for almost three years now, but suddently Harry desides he needs to leave. Everyone thinks he just wanted a solo career, and that is what happened, but not what Harry wanted. He gets caught into something and tries to get out, but he can't if he doesn't want his friends to get hurt. Will things ever by the same again, or will Harry just stay like this and take no risks.

in the beginning you propably will think what is going on? but it will all become clear


8. help me

Ed's p.o.v.

I parced my car and walked to my house as I noticed someone sitting in front of it. When I came close I saw he was sleeping. But, that face...reminds me of someone, someone I know very well...I slowly shook the person but he didn't react, I shook harder but still no reaction, I when I looked closer I realised it was Harry. 'Harry! Oh god! Wake up! Please wake up!' I opened the door and picked him up, he was suprisely light. He needs to get warmt up. I took a blanket and covered him in it. What now? Hot-water bottles! I tried to get him warm and slowly he was getting clolor again. 'Harry?' 'Ed...' He tried to sit up but failed, he was so weak. 'Harry you need to change clothes.' I supported him to my bedroom and gave him some of my clothes. 'Do I need to help you?' He nodded slowly.' He undressed himself and I gave him a warm sweetpants and a shirt. To keep him warm I gave him a blanked. Five minutes later we were sitting on the couch again. 'Harry what is going on?' He didn't answer, instead he started to cry, he started to cry uncontrollably. I didn't understand but I took him in my arms and tried to calm him down. 'Shall I call one of the boys?' He shook his head. 'Please don't call them, they can never see me again, I need to stay here in Amercia and buy a house and find a job so I can live my life without bothering someone.' 'Harry that is bullshit, you need to go back.' 'I can't, you don't understand, they will hate me!' 'Who would hate you?' 'The fans, the media, my family and friends.' 'Don't be crazy Harry, they all love you.' 'You have no idea what happened.' 'No, but I'm sure you need the boys, and they need you, they missed you like crazy.' 'They don't need me.' 'Harry...please believe me.' 'Do whatever you want, but if you call the boys I need to leave.' 'Where are you going then?' 'I have no idea, freezing to death.' I sighed. 'Tell me what happened.' 'I can't.' 'Harold please...' Harry sighed, I could see the hurt in his eyes. 'Don't tell anyone, if it gets leaked then I'm done, the cops decided to help me in secret if I kept it a secret.' 'I promise.'


'Well...Peter got out of prison after bieng there for ten years, then one way or another he got my number and called me, he knew where the boys lived and he said he would kill them if I wouldn't listen. I was scared, I didn't want them to get hurt. So I took a plane and went to the address he gave me. He knew everything about me and the others so I was so scared he would hurt them. He said he would do nothing if I made money for him. I had to sing in pubs and other places, I only got just enough money to buy myself some food. If I didn't do exactly as he said he beated me. Sometimes he let me make proper songs to release so it would look like I just went solo. I needed to cut my hair and where old clothes. Other women thought I was a whore and was going to have sex with them but that was not my plan, I didn't listen to them. When Peter found out he kept beating me with his bellt, I was his marionette...I...he...he broke me Ed.' Harry's voice made break inside, I just pulled him close to me and hold him, I hold him and let him cry on my shoulder. 'It's okay, you're save now, don't worry.' Harry took a deep breath and looked at me. 'Thank you so much.' 'I'm always there for you, don't forget that Potter.' He smiled. 'I won't weasly.' it made him chuckle. 'Please give me some time to heal, when I'm ready I'll go back, but I not ready to go back yet.' Harry said with a begging voice. 'You can stay here as long as you want and I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to.' Harry smiled. 'Thanks you so much, that means so much to me.'


Louis' p.o.v.

I was just sitting at the window of the hotelroom, looking out, what happened, where was Harry? I missed him, I didn't see him for almost a year. I was losing myself, was mean to everyone around me, even the ones that used to be my bandmates, my best friends , Niall didn't want to speak to me anymore, and he was right, the others just kept a distance for their own good. I felt lonely and hurt, but how Harry feels must be a lot worse. I wanted to see him, hear him, hug him. I had no idea where he was. Maybe he's not even in Now York, America is so big, maybe he's not even in America anymore. I was dying to see him again. 'We need to go back one day.' Zayn said. We were staying in this hotel for almost three weeks now. 'Maybe Harry bought a house an he's just living a normal life now.' Liam said. I jumped up. 'leaving huh! We did every fucking thing we could to find him! And now we were so close we just give up! Do you guys actually still give a shit about him? I guess not!' I spat. 'But I'm sure Harry's alright.' Niall said. 'Oh, just shut up, you drop him and don't care about him! It's easy huh, thinking he's alright, but I need to tell you I'm not giving up, I'm not going to lose my friend forever! I'll find him!' Angry and broken I left the hotelroom and went to the bar for a drink, I just drank anough to calm down. when is this hell going to end? I listened at the radio, it was about Harry:

Harry Styles would have quit his singing career te lead a normal life, maybe the fame was just to much for him. But some fans are suspicious because the other boys that used to be in the band One Direction are spotted in America, maybe they are planning on looking for their betrayer that used to be their band mate. You will get more information later.


Angry I smacked my glass on the bar and left, I better go to sleep, though I wasn't tired at all, but I needed to get some sleep, because this way I wans't helping.

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