Torn apart

One Direction exicts for almost three years now, but suddently Harry desides he needs to leave. Everyone thinks he just wanted a solo career, and that is what happened, but not what Harry wanted. He gets caught into something and tries to get out, but he can't if he doesn't want his friends to get hurt. Will things ever by the same again, or will Harry just stay like this and take no risks.

in the beginning you propably will think what is going on? but it will all become clear


2. differen directions

Louis' p.o.v.

We told manegment we couldn't perform, and ofcourse they were mad. But we can't perform without Harry, we just can't. I missed Harry so much, weeks passed by and it was like Harry dissapeared from earth. 'We need to decide what we are going to do with the band.' Niall said with a soft voice. 'Harry doesn't let us know anything.' Zayn sighed. 'I'm afraid he's not coming back.' Liam added with sorrow in his voice. 'So what's the plan?' Niall asked. 'Anyone who wants to go on without Harry?' Zayn asked. Everyone shook their head. 'Me neither.' 'So I guess that's the end of One Direction.' Niall asked, hoping someone would come with a solution. 'I'm afraid we have to tell the media it's over.' Liam said, and he grabbed Niall before he could run of to his room. 'It's ok Niall, we had a great time.' He tried to say without crying himself. I just stood their as a dummy. 'Are you okay Lou?' Zayn asked. The next moment I dropped myself on me knees and bursted out in tears. Never before I feld so heartbroken and left alone. Harry was always the one I was the closest to, people even made weird stories up about me and him bieng in love. Zayn sat down next to me and gave me a hug. 'Hush Tommo, hush.' 


The cameras where pointed at us, they wanted to know what was going on. We were sitting on a couch, Liam had his arm around Niall and I sat close to zayn. 'So, where is Harry?' The intervieuwer asked. I looked around, we didn't really discuss who was going to explain. I gave them all a 'it's okay' look and then brought the mic to my mouth. 'Harry left.' Inmidiatly the whole crowd went mental. 'We don't know where he went or where he is know, propably going for a solo career. I just want to say, the people that judged him, do you feel better now? He wanted to proof he doesn't need a manegment or anything els, and now he"s gone, congrats....' My voice became hoarse of the pain. 'Without Harry there is no One Direction, so it's pretty obvious this is the end, the end of One Direction.' I stood up and ran backstage, followed by the other lads. We were all in tears. No one could explain the situation, no one.


Niall's p.o.v.

I went back to Ireland to try to get some rest, I went back to my dad. He was suprised to see me, but also shocked because he saw the intervieuw. 'I feel sorry for you son.' He said. I ran upstairs and laid in my bed, my face in my pillow, crying my eyes out.


The next day I went on my laptop and started to print as much pictures as I could and put them in a photoalbum, then I deleted them all from my laptop and I put the album under my bed. So this is it, I will stay here and live my old life again. And no one explained what really happened.


Louis' p.o.v.

I was casually listening to the radio, trying to pick up my life again as I heard the voice say: and now Harry Styles with 'your smile' . So he is doing his solo career. I realised I was driving to fast and not concentrating on the road, I didn't see the turn and the I tried to turn the car but it was to late, the car smached againt the guardrail at full speed, causing it to break, the car spun down the hill. The airbag broke the fall a bit but when the car hit the ground it feld like I broke every bone in my body. I wasn't able to move my legs, my chest hurt like crazy but I had to call for help, Liam was the one living close so I called is number. Luckely He picked up inmidiatly. I was barely able to talk but I maneged to say where I was and what happened. 'I'm on my way.' He said. 


Liam's p.o.v.

I was out of my mind. Louis just had a car accident and was barely able to call me, it must be bad. I jumped in my car and headed over to the highway and stopped at the place where the guardrail was broken. Only that made me upset already. Carefully I crawled down and finally I found the car. The car was heavely damaged, so if the car is in this state...I ran to the driverside and swung open the door. There was Louis, barely conscious and covered in blood. 'L-l-ia....m' Was al he could say. With tears in my eyes I picked him up and took him out of the car. He was lying in my arms while I called an ambulance. 'Stay with me Lou, the ambulance is on his way!' I wiped some blood of his forehead. 'Please stay with me.' I cried while carresing his hair. Not much later the ambulance came and doctors came down to take Louis away. 'You can come with us.' A doctor said. I followed them and stepped in the ambulance so I was sitting next to the bed Louis was lying on. When we reached the hospital they inmidiatly took Louis away to the operationroom, and I was sitting on a chair in the waitingroom. Should I call the lads and tell them? I didn't see them in months. I rubbed my forehead and realised my hand was covered with blood. 'Shit.' So I went to the bathroom to wash it of. Then I called Niall. I did tell him Louis had a caraccident but didn't tell him how serious it was, the same I did with the other lads, I didn't want them worry to much. It was sad this was the way we would see eachother again, but at the other side I wanted to see them back so badly. They were going to visit the next day so for tonight I was here alone with Louis.


'You can come and see him, room 54.' A nurse said. I stood up and walked to the room. Louis was hooked to machines but completely concious, luckely. 'You look like you're seeing a ghost.' Louis said. 'You...I...was scared.' 'I'm okay, three broken ribs, a broken leg and a bruised wrist, but hey I'm still alive.' Louis' optmism was something that made everyone feel better. 'What happened Lou?' 'I...I was listening to the radio when suddently a song of Harry came one, so yeah he is living a solo career, and I was upset and speeding and yeah...' 'I get it.' Louis teared up and I gave him a hug, no to tight, I didn't want to hurt him. 'We will find Harry, I promise.'


Zayn's p.o.v.

I bought a house in America with Perrie, trying to start a new life, but I sucked at it. I missed my old life with One Direction and I was upset because Harry just left us to go solo. When Liam called me to come back to England because Louis had a caraccident a completely lost it, good I have Perrie, she's the love of my life and she knows how to sheer me up. 

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