Just For Us (Here we Go again sequel)

The girls and boys have grown up and here's what life holds for, Amanda, Harmony, Dawn and Mackenzie, read and find out.

First Read
Just our luck
here we go again


12. Vomit

Hanna's P.O.V


Tod walks me home, we hold hands but we're silent. We don't look at each other. Wht we bothe stare at is the sunrise, the beautiful sunrise over the ocean, never have I thought I would like the sunrise, but right now it looks wonderful. We walk on the beach so I can sneak back in. 

"We're here" I announce breaking the silence. 

"Guess we are" he says itching the back of his neck, still holding my hand.

"Tonight was fun" I say, trying to ease up the awkwardness in the air.

"Yeah" he says and looks at me, stealing my breath.

"I should go" I say and walk away only to be pulled back.

"Wait" he says and pulls me close, I could feel his hot breath brushing my cheeks. I stare at his parted lips and close me eyes as he leans in and plants a kiss on my lips. I was so shocked I almost forgot to kiss back. But I didn't,  I kissed back and felt a grin on my lips. His arms wrapped around my waist and mine around his neck.

We pull away and he breathes out "call me."

I walk away and my jaw starts to hurt from my enormous smile, I look through the windows and open the kitchens window slowly and silently. I could hear deep breaths when both of my feet landed on the floor. I walk silently to the sound, it lead to the bathroom. Aunt Harmony ws hunched over the toilet, tears wet her eyes and cheeks, I smelled her vomit, it wasn't the smell or normal vomit. I was shocked, I couldn't walk. She looks up at me as she wipes her mouth. 

"Hanna" is all she manages to say.

Too shocked to say anything,  I leave my mouth open.

"Did you just turn up? Did you sneak out?" She asks.

Too shocked to say anything. 

"I won't tell anyone if you won't" she croaks. 

I manage to nod.

"Go" she says, I felt like she set me free and I ran upstairs. 

What was wrong with aunt Harmony? Would Tod kiss me again? 


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