Just For Us (Here we Go again sequel)

The girls and boys have grown up and here's what life holds for, Amanda, Harmony, Dawn and Mackenzie, read and find out.

First Read
Just our luck
here we go again


10. The city

Hannah’s P.O.V

I crept around the floor and made sure everyone was asleep, Harmony and Uncle Liam were downstairs watching a movie. I look at the mirror one last time and made sure that the leggings and Corset looking god enough on me. I let my hair down naturally and then crept to the side balcony, It wasn’t the first time I had snuck out and jumped off of the second floor. However, it was my first time jumping with heels on. I sat on the railing and took a deep breath,  Just land on your feet.

I forced myself into a push and fell on my knees, the soil and leggings made my fall much easier, I look around making sure nobody was there. I walk to the beach and wait on a rock. I’m not gonna lie I was pretty nervous. I’ve been to L.A dozens of times but the only thing I would see in the empty street from the bedroom window and the beach. Mostly because of my family being rich, but now that I was going out with someone seemingly normal, I was going to city.

Two hands covered my eyes, they were male hands, for a second I was shocked, it could be one of my parents, then I smiled and pulled his hands off of my eye. I turn around and see Tod.

“Hi” I say standing up.

“Hey” he says pushing his hands in his pockets “you look great” he says grinning.

“Thanks, so do you! Should we go?” I say pushing my hands into my jackets pockets.

“Yeah, come on” he says and starts walking to the beach we were at earlier, Heels and sand are definitely not my favorite combination.  We walk onto the street and hop into his car.

“So this is your first time seeing L.A?” he asks looking at me. His eyes were a darker blue.

“pretty much” I manage to say and smile.

He drives into the city, the lights of the city made it much more inviting. I start looking at the people and the city and before I knew it we stopped. I look around, it was just a normal parking lot.

“Come on” he says opening my door and offering me his hand with a smile.

I stood out of the car and held his hand. It felt weird holding his hands, they were big and held mine protectively. Our fingers curved perfectly against each other, and it felt like electricity. He pulled me to a long queue of people, I guess we’re going to a club. The bouncer let everyone in and when it was our turn he didn’t stop to look at our ID’s which made me grin. The music was loud and for once it was actually good, I could smell the alcohol and drugs in the air. He pulled me close to him whispered.

“Do you want to dance?”

I nod and we walk into the crowds of people dancing, he let go of my hand and I started looking at the people around me.  I start to move my hips, still not looking at him, somebody pushed me against him and I looked up at him. The lights were reflecting in his eyes, I smile and put my hands on his waist moving my hips and biting my lip. He starts moving as well and a smile flashed and we started dancing really close. For a second, all the worry of my parents finding out, all the drama that happened in London was nothing, it was just me and tod. We hadn’t talked much, but I could tell he was different.  I felt his arm wrap around me and he pulled me to the back door of the club. He pushed it open, it lead to an alleyway. My heart stated pounding hard, I felt scared.

“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna rape you or whatever” He says running his hands down my arms. “I just want to take you somewhere we can talk.”

“Okay” I say and walk behind him.


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