Just For Us (Here we Go again sequel)

The girls and boys have grown up and here's what life holds for, Amanda, Harmony, Dawn and Mackenzie, read and find out.

First Read
Just our luck
here we go again


2. Spoke too soon

-Amanda's P.O.V-

"I don't know what I'm going to do with her" i say pacing around my bedroom.
"She's a kid babe, you and the girls did worse" he chuckles and opens his arms for me to cuddle in.
After years of being together, whenever he touched me, even in the slightest way, Whenever i looked into his dark eyes, Whenever i see his smile, i would fall in love with him all over again. I cuddled on his chest and held his hand, we looked into each others eyes. I still feel like I'm seventeen, when i look into his eyes.
"yeah, but when did I get my first tattoo?" I say looking at our entwined hands.
"Our wedding night" he says, looking at his name that was tatted on my wrist.
"She gets her genes from you Mr. Malik" i giggle.
"Oh please, she's like a mini Amanda" he chuckles.
"I might have been bad, but i did respect my mother, what did I do wrong with her Zayn?" I say feeling tears in my eyes, i mean she is my baby.
"Your too afraid of letting go, but i mean Javvad is the perfect son"
"yeah, i guess"
"At least she listened to me when i grounded her" he says looking at his phone.
My phone vibrated, so i picked it up, a message from, of course. Hannah.
"Spoke too soon" I say and get out of bed to get dressed.
"Will she ever learn!" he says, getting up from bed, obviously pissed.
"I'll pick her up, you have to fly to L.A tomorrow so rest" i say wrapping my arms around his neck.
"I have to go, she is my daughter" he says pecking my lips.
I got dressed in jeans and a sweater and walked into Javvad's room.
"Jav i- who are you talking too?" i ask curious.
"One second" he said and covered the Mike with his hand. "What?" he asks.
"Who are  you talking to?"
"Dillon, why? whats up?"
"Your sister wants us to pick her up from a party" i sigh.
"I thought she was grounded"
"oh she is, and she's in loads of trouble, keep an eye on Harmony, OK?"
"sure, keep the door opened please"
I walked downstairs and say Zayn waiting for me, i grabbed my coat and threw it on.
"Who's he talking to?" he asks unlocking the front door.
"Dillon" i say, to my surprise it was pouring rain.
"Dillon? Liam's Dillon?" He says running to the car.
"That's the one" i say getting into the passenger seat.
"Hmm, so where is the house?" he says.
I gave him the address and we had an awkward 5 minute drive, it was 1AM so it was pretty late, when we got there, we saw her, standing on the pavement shivering in her magenta booty shorts and strapless shirt. Zayn hurriedly parked out SUV and ran outside i followed.
"Bloody hell Hannah! what are you doing outside!?" he yells, she looks up, her mascara was running, and a red fluid was running from her hair down her face. Blood.
"Who did this to you?!" yells at her and takes of his coat and gives it to her.
"Hannah! who did this?!" he yells shaking her. I had my hand on my mouth shocked. Her sobs turned louder.
"I'll find out myself" says letting her go and walking into the house.
I walk up to her and pull her in a hug.
"Zayn!" i yell after him.
"what?!" he says sounding pissed.
"Come on lets take her to the hospital!"
"I need to find out who did this to her!" he shouts.
"Dad just can we please go?" she cries.
"Baby get into the car" i say kissing her temple and listening to her sobs.
"Who did this to her?!" asks Zayn, sounding mad.
"She'll tell us when she's ready, but right now she has to get stitches" i say embracing his cheek.
"let's go"
We got to the closest hospital and ran to the emergency room, and they quickly stitched her up, she got all dried, cleaned up and warm. Zayn left us to check something with the nurse. I put her hand that i was already holding near my mouth and kissed it. Not once did she look up, she just held my hand and looked at her lap. I stood up and raised her head with my finger, i saw tears threatening to fall from her eye.
"Honey, what happened?" i say looking into her eyes, she had her fathers eyes.
"Nothing mum, i don't want to talk about it" she said with a lump in her throat.
"I'm here when your ready to talk about it" i say kissing her forehead and embracing her.
Zayn came up from behind me and we hugged us, we stayed this for a minute.
"Lets go" he says hugging her.
She stood up without a word, her dad's jacket reached her mid thigh, her hair was wavy from the water and she had her combat boots on. Her dad's arm was around her. I saw flashes coming from outside, it can't be. I ran next to Zayn and Hannah.
"Put your hat on, looks like paparazzi are here" i say to Hannah.
She put the coats hood on, and we walked out to be greeted by at least 20 cameras, we started running to the car, with people throwing questions at us, which of course we didn't answer, we quickly got into the car, i told Hannah to keep her hood on until we got home. The ride home was quiet, Hannah kept looking at her hands and Zayn looked like he could use a drink. We arrived home and quickly got in.
"Mum?" i heard Jav walk downstairs.
"Yeah Jav?"
"What the hell Happened to you?!" he asked Hannah looking worried, twins.
"Nothing, I'm going up to bed"
"I'm sleeping in her room tonight" i say worried "and you look like you need a drink" i say to Zayn and walk to the bar, i poured some red whine and gave it to him.
"Goodnight" I say and walk up.
I went to my bedroom and got dressed in warm pj's, after that i walked to Hannah room, i walked in and heard more sobs. I slid into the covers and hugged her tight.
"Shhhh, it's gonna be OK" i whisper to her quietly.
"Mum, can you sing me a lullaby?" she says between breaths.
"Sure thing baby" i say and started singing her a lullaby, after half an hour she fell asleep in my arms and i slept with my baby girl in my arms, just like when she was six and had nightmares.


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