Just For Us (Here we Go again sequel)

The girls and boys have grown up and here's what life holds for, Amanda, Harmony, Dawn and Mackenzie, read and find out.

First Read
Just our luck
here we go again


11. quenched

Amanda's P.O.V

I pull myself out of bed and try not to wake Zayn up, Im quenched! Slowly, I pulledbthe covers off myself and put it down gently on Zayn's side. I slipped my feet into my slippers and I put a shawl around my bare shoulders and neck.

I slowly pull the knob down, and start praying the livers wouldn't squeak. I opened the door to a size which I could squeeze out of, this took almost 30 seconds. When I made it into the hallway, I realized I was holding my breath and quickly exhaled. The faint sounds of the fighting from the movie Liam and Harmony were watching was becoming louder and clearer each second I walked closer. I was on the stairs and could finally hear their whispers.

"-No Liam I have no clue why my breast have become smaller" Harmony giggles.

"seriously babe, are you on a diet? I can see your ribs poking out through your tanktop" Liam says sounding genuinely concerned.

"I eat like a whale, you know I do" she giggles. I take the last steps and see them cuddled up on the couch. 

"if your sure" he says and pecks her forehead.

I walk slowly trying not to disturb them, amd to go about unnoticed. I walked, well more like tip toed to the kitchen. 

"We can see you babe" laughed Harmony.

"Damn it!" I snap jokingly and turn aroundto look at them.

"the pink panther in action" says Harmony.

"panther?" I ask with wide eyes.

"your bra's print" she winks and I notice Liam holding back a laugh. I flush.

"whatever" I stick my tongue out and walk to the cupboard. I pulled a mug and poured some water in it.

"so, what did you watch?" I asked and took a gulp of water.

"something ninja and pirate" says Liam.

"that sounds... Interesting" I say and put the mug in the sink.

I walk back upstairs and decide to check up on the kids. I walk into Javvad's room and he was asleep, then Harmony's room she was fast asleep and cuddling with her teddy bear. Next was Hannah, and she was fast asleep.

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