Just For Us (Here we Go again sequel)

The girls and boys have grown up and here's what life holds for, Amanda, Harmony, Dawn and Mackenzie, read and find out.

First Read
Just our luck
here we go again


13. omelets

Mackenzie's P.O.V


We all sat on the table outside while Harmony and Dillon served our omelets, the weather was cool, we could see the waves crashing on the shore from up here. Todays Niall and Dawn are coming to LA finally! After all the omelets were onour plates we all dig in and it was delicious,  I never knew Harms could cook till she got married.

"This is great" says Marcus having another big bite of his eggs. I see several nods from the rest.

"I'm glad you like it" smiles Harmony at him. 

Never in million years did I imagine that we would grown up, in LA, married and my best friends kids sitting with us. Time seemed to have passed by so fast. We all finish and decide to stay inside today since it looked like it was going to rain.

"So we just stay inside all day?"asked Ivo irritated. 

"Looks like it" bay says falling on the couch, obviously bored.

"Do you guys have a better idea?" Says Harry wrapping an arm around Anna and the other around what looked like a cheery Hannah.

"Well we always do nothing but chill on these family vacations,  I mean I've always wanted to go to Hollywood bolvard, or go to the Malibu beach, or I don't know go to the malls around L.A, all I know about this city is the airport, the beach and the Street in front of the house" says Hannah making a point. I notice Javvad, Ivo, Dillon and bay nodding in agreement. 

"And if you guys want to chill, all five of us can go without you, we'll have fun and we'll be home before ten, please?" Pleads Dillon. 

"I don't know" Harmony says sounding iffy.

"Come on Harms, let them live a little, they have phones so we can check up on them whenever we're worried" says Amanda sitting on Zayns Lap.

"Whats do you think Liam?" Asks Harmony. 

"I say its okay" he says smiling at the kids. 

"YES!" They all cheer in a unison,  followed by a laugh.

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