Just For Us (Here we Go again sequel)

The girls and boys have grown up and here's what life holds for, Amanda, Harmony, Dawn and Mackenzie, read and find out.

First Read
Just our luck
here we go again


7. New York

Mackenzie's P.O.V

"I can't wait to tell the girls!" i say hugging Marcus tight.
"Hold on sailor, you have to tell them face to face, remember Dawn and Niall's wedding?" he says carrying me to our living room.
"True, But my boyfriend proposing isn't something I'm going to hold on to until tomorrow!" I say excited.
"Too bad you have too" he says giving me a butterfly kiss.
"Damn you" i giggle and peck his lips.
"I Love you too" he says pushing me off of him playfully.
Marcus and I have been in a relationship for a very long time now, all of the girls were already married and most had kids. However, Marcus and I were taking our Time. Today he proposed to me, I accepted without a thought because i had been waiting for the question for a very long time. Our nieces and Nephews were very close to us, especially Ivo. Marcus and him have a very special bond, he's almost our child. during winter Vacation Harmony and Liam would send him to New York for some musical camps, and he would stay with us. It's weird to think that Harmony, Amanda and Ell are all married and have kids.
"I'm hungry" i whine curling up in a ball on the couch.
"Pizza?" he asks sitting on the coffee table in front on me.
"No we had pizza last night, Indian?" i suggest.
"pass, you know what it does to me" he says.
"MC Donald's?" i say sitting up.
"Yeah, do you want to order or should we go out?" he asks.
"Lazy day, order" i say standing up, i was wearing mini shorts and one of my old T-shirts.
"shit head, you can see MC Donald's from the window" he laughs standing up.
"I know but then i have to go change" i say lazily.
"Lazy MC butt butt" he says grabbing his phone.
He walked inside to order, i look at the ring on my finger and start smiling. I love Marcus with every fiber of my being, I was ecstatic that we were finally getting married. I look at the pictures on the frames. We travel a lot because we work together, so he's like one of my best friends and i think that's one of the main elements in a relationship, we traveled to India, Tokyo, Germany and France. Tomorrow morning we were going to Head to L.A from New York. We had already packed everything, i was totally ready for the vacation with the girls.
Marcus walks in informing that the food will be here in ten minutes, I walk into the kitchen and set the table. The food comes and we eat and watch a bit of TV. We decide it was time to go to bed because we have a long day ahead of us. I cuddle up on Marcus's chest and fall asleep.
The next morning, i wake up to the sound of water. I open my eyes and realize i was alone in bed, Marcus is probably taking shower. I stood up, because i had a shower yesterday i decided not to take one so i turn my curling wand on and put on some high waisted  shorts with a crop top. I took out my black fedora out and matches my sandal and accessories on. I start curling my hair when Marcus walks out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist, his V line was perfect.
"Ouch!" i say noticing that i had burnt myself with the wand.
"You were staring" he chuckles.
I stick my tongue out and curl my hair. By the time i finish Marcus was already finished, i put my fedora on and plant a kiss on his lips. I pull my suitcase from the bedroom to the living room. My suitcase had lips on it and Marcus had a mustache on him. We lock up everything and walk downstairs. I look around and hail a cab. Marcus put out bags in the trunk. We arrived at the airport and went to get our tickets and give our bags, then passport control. I was craving milka chocolate so i went and got some for the duty free. The gates open and we take our seats on the plane. Marcus noticed that a guy was going to sit next to us so he made me sit next to the window. I love it when he's protective and jealous.
After a few hours we arrive and claim our luggage, next we walk outside, i saw Harmony as soon as we exit, then i notice Liam next to her, i wave and start jogging to them, I threw myself into Harmony's arms and we hug for about five minutes before i hug Liam, Harmony Hugged her brother and we all walk to the range rover that was waiting. The place was just like i remember it. This was going to be a fun Vacation.

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