Just For Us (Here we Go again sequel)

The girls and boys have grown up and here's what life holds for, Amanda, Harmony, Dawn and Mackenzie, read and find out.

First Read
Just our luck
here we go again


9. History repeating itself

Harmony's P.O.V

I ran away laughing from the volleyball net, the boys are crazy. U walk towards the kids, four heads. Ivo, Harmony, Javvad and Dillon. Where's Han? Hannah hates coming here, she always tells me. She's different, special, she's a hidden jem and I blame Amanda for not encouraging her.
"Guys, where is Hannah?" i ask approaching the laughing kids.
"Dunno, she went for a walk i think" shrugs Jav.
"Okay, thanks" i say walking to Amanda.
She was tanning on one of the tanning beds.
"Where the hell is your daughter?" i whisper in her ear.
"I don't know, is she not with Harry and Anna?" she says taking her sunglasses off.
"No i was just upstairs, getting the ball" I say starting to worry.
"Call her" she says sitting up.
I pull out my phone from my back pocket and look for her number, i found it and called. Turned off. Where the fuck is she?
"It's turned off"
"Relax Harmony, she'll be fine."
I shake my head furiously and walk to Zayn.
"Your daughter is missing" i say crossing my arms.
"What?!" he says as the ball hits his head. I hear laughing, i would laugh but i'm more focused on finding Hannah!
"Is she not upstairs?" he asks picking the ball up.
"No! She's not!" I say freaking out.
"Babe" i hear liam start.
"What!?" i snap at him.
He points behind me and I find Hannah walking towards us, i exhale and run to her wrapping my arms around her, she is shocked so it takes a moment until she hugs me back.
"You scared the living shit out of me!" i yell at her.
"Glad to see that someone cares." she says looking at her mother.
"Where the hell did you go!?" I say hugging her again.
"I went to the empty patch of beach" she says pointing behind her.
"Don't scare us like that again!" I yell again.
"Us?" she says crossing her arms.
"Me" i say looking at Amanda tanning.
"Harmony, I met somebody, a boy back there" she starts.
"Yeah, he said his dad knew my mom" she says looking at her feet.
"Okay?" i ask confused.
"He said his name was Blake."
My entire body froze and the name echoes in my head, everything dark rushes through mind. He was the main reason there is a dark patch in Amanda's history. I think history might be repeating itself.
"Hannah, under no circumstances should you see that boy, his dad is a dick." I say.
"What happened."
"I can''t tell you but don't bring the name up to your mother."

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