Just For Us (Here we Go again sequel)

The girls and boys have grown up and here's what life holds for, Amanda, Harmony, Dawn and Mackenzie, read and find out.

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Just our luck
here we go again


4. Heavy cologne

Hey Babes! hows the storyline so far? ;) <3


-Dillon's P.O.V-

"Oh My God, i can smell the ocean from here!" i say dragging my Bag through the airport.
"Well we are near the beach" says bay, Taking her jacket off. It was cold when we left London, and its hot here. fortunately, i changed into shorts on the plane. I need to tan.
"Dillon? where is your passport?" asks Mom, holding dad's hand.
"Here" i say taking out of my back pocket. She took it from my hand and put it with all of our passports.
"Is Uncle Zayn here?" asked Ivo.
"Yeah, he's waiting in the limo" Says Dad, wrapping an arm around Bay.
"we live in London but its been two years since we've seen, Hannah, Jav and Harmony" I say as we walked outside Paul leading us to the limo.
"Two years?" asked bay confused.
"They went to New York for vacation Last year" I say looking at the Black stretched Limo.
"L.A air" says mom Taking a deep breath.
Uncle Zayn got out of the car and Hugged Dad.
"Hey!" Mom says hugging him.
"Have you gotten shorter" he teases. They start Laughing.
"Bay! The last time i saw you you were this short!" he says putting his hand near his stomach, showing her how short she was.
"You know we need to have at least two family vacations a year" Mom suggests "I mean we barely see each other."
"Hey" I say greeting him with a hug "are they rest here?"
"No there flight is later today, so you are gonna settle in and then, I'll go pick them up" he smiles at me nicely.
"Awesome!" Says Ivo getting into the limo.
"Let's Go" says Uncle Zayn, We all climbed into the Limo, I was pretty excited for this Family vacation.
We drove for Half an hour, but i didn't notice, i just looked at the beautiful city of L.A. I got lost watching the people, the clouds, the sea before i noticed, pressure on my shoulder, i looked quickly and Bay was shaking me telling me that we had arrived, so we slid out of the car. Before us stood, our huge mansion, That my Grandparents bought for mom on her 18th birthday. It was huge! When you walk through the gate there was a fountain and grass grown around it. The Path to the front door was all pebbles. Rose bushes were grown on the sides of the big white mansion. We walked through the big, black front door and the marble staircase greeted us. I pulled my bag up the stairs and into my bedroom. I walked it was exactly how i left it. I put my bag carefully on the bed and walked out to the terrace. The beach was calling. I walked inside and kept the terrace open so i can smell the ocean.
I already had clothes here, all my summer clothes were here since there was barely any sun in the U.K, and we never spent the summer there so all my summer clothes were here. I did bring a bag with new clothes from England, because the trends change and i have to be up to date. I packed all my clothes away and Picked up a striped Bikini and put it on. After that i took out one of last years summer dresses and put it on. I took my phone put and took a picture. I had to post it on instagram. Hello L.A! was the caption. I put my phone on the charger and walked downstairs.
"Did you pack all of you stuff?" said mom sitting on the counter eating a slice of pizza.
"yeah, you ordered Pizza?!" i say and walk to the box and picked up a slice, yummy.
"All the tanning products are in there" my mom said and pointed at the cupboard next to the fridge.
"Okay" i said and put the rest of the pizza down.
"Hey, hey, before you leave finish your food" says mom getting off of the counter.
"I'm not hungry, where's Dad?"
"He went to pick up the Maliks with Zayn"
"Awesome" i say opening the cupboard and pulled out the Carrot Tanning container. I walked out of the back door to outside and picked up a towel and walked to the beach and stripped down into the bikini. I laid down and started applying the tanning cream.
After and hour of tanning i walked inside to get some water. I didn't think anyone would be there, but i was surprised to see the Malik family in front of me, and I'm in my bikini.
"i forgot where the bath-" I heard Jav say, he didn't continue just started staring at me.
Holy shit! i thought it was impossible for him to get anymore handsome, but i was wrong. He's gotten Taller, his hair is a shade darker, his beard was freshly shaved and i could smell him cologne from here.
"room" he continues and looked at his mom. Damn the accent.
"Hi!" i say and walk to hug Aunt Amanda.
"Hey gorgeous" she says and hugs me "wheres your mom"
"just like i taught you" said Aunt Amanda, nudging me.
"Hey Hannah" i say and Hug her.
"Hey" she smiles at me.
"Hey Ja-" and before i could continue her pulled me in for a hug.
His scent filled my nostrils, sending shivers down my spine. I hugged him and felt his breathing on my shoulder, i smiled slightly. Let's Just say I've had a crush on him for a long time.

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