Just For Us (Here we Go again sequel)

The girls and boys have grown up and here's what life holds for, Amanda, Harmony, Dawn and Mackenzie, read and find out.

First Read
Just our luck
here we go again


15. cramps

Harmony's P.O.V

I didn't think anything could be wrong with me that would make me this sick. Pregnant, already had three tests and I'm not. Jet lag is the only thing I have that I could blame being sick on, that is until this morning when I noticed bleeding in my stool. I've been wanting to tell Liam but we haven't been alone all day.

As soon as the kids left we all went up to our rooms to rest before we go and get Dawn and Nialler. I walked into our bedroom right after Liam and closed the door behind me.

"Liam" I sigh.

"Yeah babe?" He says as he wraps his arms around me.

"Liam I have to go to a doctor, its urgent I think" I say and look up into his chocolaty eyes.

"Why? What happened?" He says sounding worried and concern.

"I think I have and infection or I don't know in my ovary or uterus or bladder or whatever the hell it, and it hurts" I whine and notice the tears filling my eyes.

"Okay well get ready and I'll take you know, just let me go downstairs and tell the guys-"

"Babe! No! Don't, not until we're certain."


"Okay, let me get dressed."

I got dressed in sweat pants and an Adidas shirt, and put my hair up in a bun. Liam was definitely feeling stresses, his eyebrow was twitching and his jaw was clenched. I nestled my head on his chest and wrapped his arms around me. I hugged him tightly and breathed in his scent. I'm not going to lie, anything could happen at the hospital, and I'm scared of finding out that something maybe terribly wrong with me, but Liam's clutch on my hand made me forget a bit and wonder about my family. When we arrived at the hospital, my hands started shaking, I'm really nervous.

"Mr and Mrs. Payne, follow me" said a nurse that had a tag on that read Tory. Liam basically had to pull me to the doctor's office. We were greated by a young looking man with blond hair pulled back, and a white lab coat.

"If it isn't Liam payne himself!" He said and bear hugged Liam, by then I was pretty damn confused.

"How have you been mate?" Says Liam pulling out of the hug.

"Been great, you?" He says sitting in his chair.

"Good, this is my wife Harmony" says Liam wrapping an arm around me.

"Hello" he says and shakes my hand, "what seems to be the problem?"

And from there I went on with what has been happening to me.

"I see," he says sounding concerned "tell me, have you been having cramps or gas pains or bloating?"

"Yes now that you mention it."

"Any unexpected weight loss?"

"Yeah" Liam answered for me.

"All this I'm hearing Mrs Payne, are leading to one thing but I need to run out an MRI test to make sure."


"Mrs Payne," he sighs " these are all symptoms of Colon cancer."

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