Just For Us (Here we Go again sequel)

The girls and boys have grown up and here's what life holds for, Amanda, Harmony, Dawn and Mackenzie, read and find out.

First Read
Just our luck
here we go again


5. Business class

-Harry's P.O.V-

"come on babe, we're gonna be late" i say putting my sunglasses on and dragging her luggage out.
"Coming Haz" she says rushing down the stairs.
I looked at her, she was shorter than me, but it was cute. She had one of her many dresses on with a jacket over it, since we were still in England. I carried the last bag and put it in the trunk of the car and shut it. I look at her and she was wearing my Hat.
"That's mine Anna" i chuckle and take it off of her.
"It looks good with my outfit!" she wines.
"Fine" i say and pull her close to me, wrapping my arms around her waist.
"I love you Haz" she says, wrapping her arms around my neck.
"I love you too" i say and plant a kiss on her lips.
"Let's go" he giggles and walks to the passenger seat.
I walked to the drivers seat and drove off to the airport. The last time i saw, Harmony, Dawn or Mackenzie was the last Family holiday, and even then i couldn't take my eyes off of Harmony, I'm in love with Anna and she understands my connection with Harmony. I was really excited to spend some time with my mates, the girls and the kids.
"Are you excited?" Asked Anna as I held her Hand.
"yeah, you?" i say looking into her big grey eyes.
"Pretty excited, who are you looking forward to seeing?" She asks flicking her Brownish blonde hair.
"You in a bikini" i wink at her causing her to chuckle.
"Honestly!" she says holding my hand with both of her tiny ones.
"Well, Harmony, I'm excited to see, you know that, but i;m excited to see everyone" I say kissing her hand.
When we arrived at the airport, I parked my car and we handed our luggage, then went to passport control, and shopped at the duty free. After we Had some Starbucks we walked to the gate hand in hand. We got onto the plain after that and sat in business class since it was a small plain and there was no first class.
After we had our lunch, Anna and I talked for a bit then we decided to get some sleep, so we did and after seven hours, Anna woke me up. We were landing, beautiful sunshine state California was shining through the window next to Anna. We got off of the plane and went to claim our Luggage. We each pulled one bag and i had our carry on on my back and Anna's hand in mine.
"Who's gonna pick us up?" She says taking her jacket off.
"Liam" i say and kiss her cheek.
We walked out to see Liam waiting for us. He hugged me and then Anna, then he took Anna's suit case and we walked to the Range rover that Harmony drove when she lived here. We got into the car and drove to The Holiday Home, it was about a ten minute drive.
"Wow, its gorgeous" i heard Anna say as we pulled up in front of the front door.
Lat holiday she wasn't with us, she had some work and chose not to come, but this year she did come and thank God she did. We all climbed out of the car, Liam and I carried the suitcases upstairs to Anna and I's room.
"This place is gorgeous!" she says finally when we had privacy.
"I know right" I say and wrap an arm around her.
"So where are the rest?" she asked as i opened the door to the terrace.
"They are by the pool, put your bikini on and let's go" i say pulling my trunks out of the bag.
"You go ahead, I'm gonna take a shower" she says and pecks my lips.
"Okay, love you" i say and take my shirt off.
I walked downstairs and outside to where the pool was and cannon balled into the Pool splashing Amanda, Harmony, Hannah and baby Harmony.
"Haz!" yell Harmony as i climb out of the pool.
She runs to me and we hug, i smile instantly knowing that she was in my arms, i pulled away and looked into her blue eyes, her ginger hair, she's still the same harmony from when she was seventeen.
"Hey Haz" says Amanda Hugging me, i felt someone hug my leg, and baby Harmony was there, i picked her up and Hugged Hannah next.
"I missed all of you!" i say looking at all four of them.
"Missed you too Haz" Says Harmony ruining my wet hair.
"Where are the rest?" i ask and put Harmony down.
"down at the beach" said Hannah.
"Come with me Hannah" i say and wrap an arm around my godchild.
"What's up?" she asks wrapping an arm around my waist.
"Are you gonna tell me who did that to you? or do I have to go all Sherlock Holmes on you?" I say making her giggle.
"I'll tell you when I'm ready, Uncle Haz, i promise" she smiles a fake smile at me.
"OK, now I have to talk to your brother" i say and spank her.
I walked to the beach and saw Jav on laying down on the beach and looking at the beach, or so I thought, he was looking at Dillon, who was tanning. Zayn and Liam we're playing volleyball, i sat next to Jav.
"So is this the Summer you tell her how you've had a crush on her forever?" i say.
"You scared me! and I don't know, she just turns more beautiful every time I see her, i don't think she likes me back though" he says looking at me with his mothers eyes.
"I'm pretty sure she does" i say.
"I doubt it" he says playing with the sand.
"If you don't do it now your going to lose her" i say getting up and walking to Where Liam and Zayn were.
"Hey mates" i say and hug both of them.
"When are the rest coming?" i ask.
"Louis and El are coming tomorrow, so are Marcus and Mackenzie, Niall and Dawn are coming next week though" says Zayn.
"We're going to be reunited" says Liam throwing the ball at me.

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