Oh so your captainsparkelz? ( a captainsparkelz/Jordan fan fic)

When a not so famous minecraft player goes to pax and meets jordan(captainsparkelz), adam(skydoesminecraft or skythekidrs), ty(deadlox) and jason(minecraftunivers) her world gets turned upside down. She meets more youtubers along the way and falls In love and suddenly get thrown into a love triangle with her 2 best mates! What will she do? Will she become famous and live her dream to be swarmed by people at PAX? Or will there be something or someone that stops her?

Find out by reading!!


3. why so many friends?!?!?!

oh mah gods!! It's Adam, Jason, Ty and Jordan!! I grab Tobey's arm and squeeze it as hard as I can to stop me from squealing. He turns to me and whispers "Charlie, ah, your kind of hurting me" I let go of his arm and give him a sorry look. when I turn back I notice that Jordan and Ty are talking super quietly but Adam and Jason are talking loudly about something. From what I can hear I am pretty sure they are talking about bananas... Oh they remind me so much of my friends Paige and Victoria. They would make the cutest couples! Even though Paige has a boyfriend and Victoria isn't looking for one. They would still so adore each other either way. But that is off topic. I decide to get Tobey to bring me the lounge chair thingy from the side of the deep end of the pool. "hey Tobey could you get me the floating lounge thingy" I ask. He nods and gets out of the pool and throws it near me. "there ya go" he says and jumps back in so he can push one end of the floating lounge thingy down for me. I sit in and he lets go. I slowly float up, my stomach is out of the water. they all just stare, I sigh. Exactly what I didn't want them to do! As I look back up at them again Jordan smiles and I smile back. I then notice that Ty is smiling and getting Adam and Jason to stop staring. I then decide after all of the staring I would like to introduce myself! "um, hi, I'm Charlie and this," I motion to Tobey "is Tobey, my friend" I say and smile. "hi, I'm Jordan" he says and moves towards the edge of the pool to shake my hand. I am a real prankster so when I realise he is wearing swimmers and is right at the edge of the pool, I see my chance. As he takes my hand to shake it, I pull him into the water. I giggle and Tobey laughs, so does Adam, Ty and Jason. Jordan comes up and gives me a look. "Well, I now know not to shake your hand near the edge of a pool again" I bush at what he just said. As the red in my cheeks are fading I see in the corner of my eye, Ty, Adam and Jason running up and jumping into the pool. The splash is so big that I get thrown off the floating thing into Jordan. I go red as I see him holding me in his arms and him smiling. I stay there until Adam comes up in between us and faces me "hellooooooooooooooo, I'm Adam. But you can call me tonight" he says and I laugh "ah thanks but no thanks, I'm not exactly too keen on dating right now." I say and he frowns and swims off. I take a few steps back and say "so what room are you guys in?" "room 180. and you?" says Ty " OMG we are in room 179!" I say and see Adam and Jordan's faces light up. Oh god no... why are they so happy???

The next thing I know I see the pool door burst open. "AHHHH PAIGE!! VICKIE!!" I squeal and get out of the water as the run up to me. I almost fall over because of the force but luckily I don't. "what are you guys doing here???" I ask very surprised that they are here "we wanted to come with you to harry potter world and Disney world and that other thing your going to"  Says Victoria and I frown "its PAX Vickie..." I say and say shakes it off and smiles "well whatever it is I'm here for you! Plus the baby could be coming anytime soon so we need to be here for the arrival!" says Victoria "wait hold on you guys are going to harry potter and Disney world???" asks Jordan, I nod  "SO ARE WE!!" says Adam so enthusiastically it makes me giggle. "well what do you guys think about getting to know more about each other over a round of truth or dare???" I ask and everyone nods. I smile and say "alright then, everyone meet outside room 180 in about an hour" everyone nods and Paige, Victoria, Adam, Ty, Jason and Jordan all head back to their rooms and me and Tobey link arms and head for our room singing "were off to see the wizard. The wonderful wizard of Oz! We hear he is the wonderful wiz of ever a wiz there was. Were off to see the wizard! The wonderful wizard of Oz!!" and by that time we are at our room and I hop into the shower first and wash my medium thick brown hair. As soon as I Finish Tobey hops in, I dry my hair and sit on the bed eager for the truth or dare later on!! I'll be able to find out more about Jordan and Adam since I find them both very cute. Wait did I just say that! Grrrr.  

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