Oh so your captainsparkelz? ( a captainsparkelz/Jordan fan fic)

When a not so famous minecraft player goes to pax and meets jordan(captainsparkelz), adam(skydoesminecraft or skythekidrs), ty(deadlox) and jason(minecraftunivers) her world gets turned upside down. She meets more youtubers along the way and falls In love and suddenly get thrown into a love triangle with her 2 best mates! What will she do? Will she become famous and live her dream to be swarmed by people at PAX? Or will there be something or someone that stops her?

Find out by reading!!


4. truth or dare?

"ready?" Tobey asks "of course!" I say and we walk outside only to be greeted by the sound of the water fountain gushing from lobby. "we are early" Tobey says looking at his watch. I sit down against the glass railing and Tobey follows. "so like any of the boys?" he asks "two. but they are famous and I'm just a pregnant fan-girl." I say and look down "pregnant or not you look beautiful!!" Tobey exclaims "thanks T but your my friend, you have known me since I was in dippers! so it doesn't count" I say. he sighs and Vicky and paige run down the corridor. "hey guys we can't make it! I'm going to dinner with my boyfriend and Vicky has found a guy!!" paige squeals. "okay, that's fine! have fun!" I say and they nod and run off. "two down. six left." I say and Tobey chuckles. The boys finally come out. in that time we were having an argument so it turned into a tickle war. I was destroying Tobey and just when the door opened he said "truce!!!" "you're lucky I'm nice!" I say and he laughs. I go to stand up but then Adam has his hand out for me. I take it, when I get up our faces are inches apart. we stare for a second then I smile and he smiles back. I completely forgot that I was still holding his hand so I moved back and saw my hand in his. as Tobey walked past he nudged me and I glared at him. Me and Adam walk in hand-in-hand and Jason smiles at me as if to say "give him a chance! you wont be sorry!" I smile back with a "maybe!" smile and me and Adam sit down. "Vicky and Paige aren't coming. they have dinner dates..." I say and sigh. "okay lets play!!" Jordan says interrupting my thoughts "truth or dare... Tobey!" Jordan says "hmmm... dare" Tobey says "okay. I dare you to get an egg and... smash it down your pants" Jordan says. Tobey makes a face and I crack up! its all derpy so It is hilarious!! "don't laugh!!" Tobey whines and grabs the egg Jordan got.



after a few turns no one has picked me. what a fun game! so I am currently checking my phone. "truth or dare... Charlie!" Jason say. I throw my phone on the bed and sit up "dare!" I say and he nods "I dare you to kiss Adam" he says and I go red "o-okay..." I say and walk up to Adam and kiss him he kisses back and if this wasn't truth or dare it would of turned into a make out session. we pull back and I sit back at my spot again. "truth or dare, Jordan?" I ask "truth" he says. "okay... meanest thing you have done to a girl that you have dated?" I ask hoping to find nothing "uhh I cheated on a girl to get payback." he says and I sigh. wow what a jerk! "okay..." I say and we continue on with the night.


after we are done Jordan, ty and Jason all go to bed but as I am walking out adam grabs my hand and takes me away from the doors "uh hi?" I say and he just clears him throat "uh Charlie... would you..." he starts "w-wo-ould I what-t" I stutter out. "would you go out with me?" he asks. "o-okay-y" I say and he kisses me and I kiss back. he walks me to my room and I walk in and he walks to his room. "I have a boyfriend.." I say and Tobey picks me up and spins me around "YESSSSS ITS ADAM ISNT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he yells really bloody loud. "yes but keep your voice down!!" I say and he nods "okay okay!" he says.


I put on my PJ'S on and plop into my bed. "crap my phone!" I say and open my door and knock on the boys door. the door opens and Adam has no shirt on, he actually has a pretty good body. no six pack but I don't care. "I left my-" I start but he cuts me off "phone? here it is" he says and hands it to me. "thanks!" I say and kiss him. I walk to my room and plop back into my bed. "night!"  I say and Tobey doesn't answer...





hi guys! I am so sorry that I haven't posted in a while but I thought I would tell you my plans for this book! 1. it not going to be a captainsparkelz fanfic. it will be a skydoesminecraft fanfic. so sorry if you wanted it to be a captainsparkelz.


2. I  will try and update as much as possible! if you want me to update this more please post a  comment!! I don't have the best memory and the only reason I came and wrote this was because of a comment!


I think that's it! thanx guys. I hope you liked this chapter!!

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