Oh so your captainsparkelz? ( a captainsparkelz/Jordan fan fic)

When a not so famous minecraft player goes to pax and meets jordan(captainsparkelz), adam(skydoesminecraft or skythekidrs), ty(deadlox) and jason(minecraftunivers) her world gets turned upside down. She meets more youtubers along the way and falls In love and suddenly get thrown into a love triangle with her 2 best mates! What will she do? Will she become famous and live her dream to be swarmed by people at PAX? Or will there be something or someone that stops her?

Find out by reading!!


2. Oh mah gods

As we walk into the receptionist I link arms with Tobey. It's this thing I do when I get super nervous, I have to have contact with someone that I know or someone that I like then I don't feel nervous or scared anymore! We get to the desk and I take a look around, letting go of tobey's arm I start to see a big group of people surrounding somebody. They must be from PAX I think as I return to Tobey and he gives me a key "I you lose this I'm going to be so mad!" He say and I nod and turn to see if the group is still there, they aren't. I walk side by side with Tobey up to room number 179(I like that number) .


we walk into the room and there is a bed with a great view of the tv, I run to it and sit "I call this bed!!" I yell a bit too loud " I wanted this one anyway, by the way keep your voice down!" He says to me, I nod and pull the swimmers out of my bag. "Won't they look funny on you since your pregnant??" Says Tobey. I shake my head "they are special swimmers, they fit perfectly" I say and smile I go into the bathroom to get changed. I stare at my stomach of a few second once I have my swimmers on and see that it's gotten a tiny bit bigger. I sigh and walk out to Tobey and see he's already dressed "how the hell??" I say and he just shrugs "your so slow I used the closet" he says and I nod. He gets up off the bed and throws his phone on the bed and grabs my hand and walks with me to the pool. As we are walking he swings our hands back and fourth like a couple would do. I laugh "stop it!" I say but don't mean it. He shakes his head and continues. "I hate you" I joke and he kisses me on the head and I wipe it off as best as I can "EWWWWW" I yell and he puts a finger to my lips and tells me to be quiet.


we get to the pool and I slowly walk in but Tobey jumps in wayyyy too quickly. I squeal as the water splashes onto my face, I give him a death stare and wipe my face. "Don't give me a deathy" he says and grins, I give him another one and go in so my stomach is just under water. " you excited to see sparkelz" he says and grins. I frown and almost growl at him, he knows I like captainsparkelz he's my idol! I also think he is super cute!! "Shut up" I growl at him and he swims back "okay okay. I was only joking" he says getting quieter and more scared. I smile and hear people coming down to the pool. Tobey swims over to me for protection, I smile then go to look at who is coming down the stairs.


oh mah gods it's...


(by the way the photo is of Tobey if you were wondering what he looks like)

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