Oh so your captainsparkelz? ( a captainsparkelz/Jordan fan fic)

When a not so famous minecraft player goes to pax and meets jordan(captainsparkelz), adam(skydoesminecraft or skythekidrs), ty(deadlox) and jason(minecraftunivers) her world gets turned upside down. She meets more youtubers along the way and falls In love and suddenly get thrown into a love triangle with her 2 best mates! What will she do? Will she become famous and live her dream to be swarmed by people at PAX? Or will there be something or someone that stops her?

Find out by reading!!


1. Hehe PAX!!

Just quickly a lil note dawn will not be in the story thanx! 

I don't hate her I just can't have her in the story


" I'm having a bad bad day, it's about time that I get my way. Steam rolling whatever I see. Uh despicable me." Sings my phone signalling it time for me to get up and eat something before I hop on a plane to Florida for PAX and because I will be in Florida I'm going to Harry potter world and Disney world!! I'm sooooooooo excited. Hold the phone you don't know me! My name is Charlie falls aka cookiecutter111. I am a girl with brown hair brown eyes and tan skin! Minecraft and acting is my life, but I do want to settle down some time in the future and have a kid. I slowly sit up, yawn and stretch all at the same time. I grab my phone and swing my legs over the big king size bed that I own and turn the alarm on the iPhone off and check my messages as I star to walk to the kitchen. I have only gotten one message and its from my friend, he said "good morning have fun at PAX I will miss ya!" I smile and quickly type a reply and notice that I'm already in thekitchen. I grab the coco pops and the milk and a bowl and pour the coco pops and milk into the bowl and grab a spoon. Whilst I eat I sit at the dining room table. I have a huge house that my dad bought for me, I also have the exact car I wanted because my dad got it for me. He is rich and since I'm an only child I get whatever I want, so I have a great computer and a awesome recording system and mic and headphones, I have a huge tv with every game console and heaps of games for each one. as I admire my little home I start to smile as I finish off my coco pops. I'm going to PAX!!! I stare at my stomach for a second then put my bowl in the sink and wash it. I'm pregnant but I don't tell anyone since I am pretty big so you could guess and the dad left me. I pick my phone up again and dial my best friend Tobey and wait for him to pick up. "hellllloooooo my friend that is leaving me for PAX" says Tobey  through the phone. "helllloooooo my friend that wont come with me to PAX" I say back as I grab my bag and head for the door "well I might be coming to PAX with you!" he says and I squeal "OMG REALLY!!! LET ME PICK YOU UP!!" I run to the car as he says "alright! ill be ready in just a sec, see ya in a bit bff!" he says and hangs up before I can get another word in. I throw my bags into the boot and start the car. this will be the best time ever!! PAX and harry potter world and Disney world with my best friend and my baby girl or boy. I start to drive as my favourite song comes onto the radio "love story" by Taylor swift, I sing along and finally get to Tobey's house after one other song.


I walk up to the door and open it "TOBEY WHY DID'NT YOU TELL ME YOU ARE COMING TO PAX SOONER????? NOW I HAVE TO GET YOU DISNEY WORLD AND HARRY POTTER WORLD TICKETS WHEN WE GET THERE" I yell as I start walking in to his tinny house "BECAUSE I ONLY FOUND OUT YESTERDAY AND DONT WORRY ABOUT THE HARRY POTTER WORLD AND DISNEY WORLD TICKETS CAUSE I GOT THEM AS WELL." He says while doing whatever he is doing wherever he is. I walk to the couch and lie down " I POSTED THE NEWEST VIDEO ON YOUTUBE" I yell before I notice he's in the room "I'm right here. no need to shout. anyway okay ill check it out but for now can we please just go to the airport or we will be late!" he says I stand up "but I just got comfy" I pretend whine and grab one of his bags and go to my car and open the boot. I throw the bag in the car and get in the drivers seat, I turn the car on and wait for Tobey to get in the car and drive off.


I turn the engine off and get out of the car. I grab my bags and walk with Tobey to get signed in then head to the plane. we are sitting in the waiting room playing go fish when we hear "flight 157 to Florida now boarding" I grab the cards and put them back in my carry on bag and walk with Tobey to the plane. I see people staring at my stomach then me and Tobey but I don't care, Tobey is taken so us going out is a no go and I don't like him, I have a huge crush on captainsparkelz and skydoesminecraft. we get into the plane, we are in first class and its so nice, I sit in my seat and put my bag down in front of me. surprisingly Tobey got the seat next to me, he looks at my stomach then smiles at me and says "you will be a great mum Charlie, don't worry about it" I smile and the plane starts to take off, I sit back and fall asleep dreaming about meeting captainsparkelz and sky.


when I wake up we are almost there and I get my bag and grab the chocolate and laptop out of my bag. I eat the chocolate and turn the camera on the laptop on, I press record and say "hey mah cookies! I'm on the plane to Florida with my best friend Tobey. he is currently asleep so this video will be all about me! I think I have forgot to tell you guys a BIG thing about me, I am having a baby, yeah that's right! He or she is due in a month and 2 weeks time. I cant wait to be a mum guys, do you think ill be a good mum?? anyway I better go because I'm going to PAX, I'm not going to have masses of people surrounding me because I'm not that famous but I may have one or 2 fans there. well I think ill see ya later cookies!" I post it to youtube and wake up Tobey and the flight ends.


we grab our luggage and go to the hotel. I finally realise we are in Florida, going to PAX...

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