"Hello, my name is Kimberly and I will be your waitress for today." I told the guys and brought up my pen. "Can I take your order?" I added as the curly one chuckled. "Yeah, I want a piece of your ass." He smirked pinching my butt.


4. I'm even twice as bad as them.

Kimberly's P.O.V

"Get off me." I spat trying to pull myself off him but he was too strong.

"Oh, I'll get off you, after I've fucked your brain out." He smirked as his lips were inches away from mine.

I spotted Harry coming out of the restaurant in the corner of my eye.

"Harry!" I shouted before the guy threw me down on the ground, my head slammed against the ground before everything turned black.


I woke up, but didn't open my eyes, I realized that I was laying on a bed covered in a blanket. I groaned as I slowly opened my eyes blinking a few times. The room was huge with white paint on the walls, a thick red-brown carpet on the floor and a double bed that I was laying on. I had a real big headache. Removing the blanket off me I slowly got off bed, suddenly I heard footsteps from outside the bedroom, I jumped right into bed again and covered myself in the blanked pretending to be asleep. I heard the door get open, seconds later I felt someone sit down on the bedside gently placing a part of my hair behind my ear. I slowly opened my eyes as I spotted Harry, he smiled by the time I opened my eyes.

"Morning sunshine." He smirked as I sat up rubbing my neck.

"What happened?" I asked leaning my back against the wall behind me.

"Your hero came to rescue you." He chuckled pointing at himself with his thumbs.

"Seriously." I groaned not in the mood for anything.

"You called my name after the three guys tried to rape you. I beat them up and it looked like you blacked out after being slammed against the ground. So now you're in my guestroom." He spoke as I sighed.

"How long was I asleep?" I asked looking at the bright light from the window.

"Just the whole night, it's sunday." He told me as I removed the blanket again.

"Thanks." I said short and got up from bed.

"Not so fast pretty." He smirked as he grabbed my wrist pulling me towards him.

I was between his legs as he placed his hands on my waist, looking deeply into my eyes.

"You owe me a new date from saving your life." He smirked as I shook my head.

"I'm not going to spend another three hours of my life on a fucking spoiled brat." I spat pushing myself back.

I opened the bedroomdoor a little before Harry shut it again, I turned around as he pushed me against the door standing close up to me.

"Don't talk to me like that." He said through gritted teeths with his face all serious.

"I can talk to you however I want." I talked back as he clenched his jaw, "Bitch." I added before he pushed me down on the floor.

"You know the guys I saved you from?" He asked getting down on his knees in front of me, "I'm even twice as bad as them."

"T-then why did you save me?" I asked as he chuckled.

"Because if anyone should take away your virginity, it should be me." He smirked as my eyes widened.

"I-I'm not a virgin!" I almost shouted at him.

"Oh, please, I know a virgin when I see one." He chuckled placing two fingers under my chin lifting up my face to look straight at him.

He moved closer to me, almost laying on top of me, his lips almost touched my ear as he whispered, "So think twice before you get mouthy with me." 

He stood up again and reached out his hand, "And by the way, I'm not a spoiled brat, I earn the money fairly." He spoke and helped me up.

"How?" I asked as he gave me a little smirk, "That's a secret." He winked and opened the door.

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