"Hello, my name is Kimberly and I will be your waitress for today." I told the guys and brought up my pen. "Can I take your order?" I added as the curly one chuckled. "Yeah, I want a piece of your ass." He smirked pinching my butt.


11. Go to hell.

Kimberly's P.O.V

I woke up, looking at the clock on the wall, it was 09:15, I sighed as I closed my eyes again. I twisted my wrist to stretch a little, but suddenly my hand was free from the chain. That dumbass must have tightened the chain too loose. I unattached the other chains and stood up doing a little stretch before I quietly walked over to the door, I assumed the guys were asleep or something because it was early. I grabbed the doorknob and slowly twisted as I opened the door, no one there. I tip toed down the hallway and reached the front door. Suddenly I heard a gun get load as I freezed.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." I heard George's voice as I slowly turned around.

"How did you get out?" He asked as I looked at the gun that was aimed at my forehead.

"Guess I solved the Davinci Code." I joked as he grabbed my arm pushing me into the livingroom where the others stood.

Will grabbed me by my shoulders and turned me around to face George and the others.

"You know, it doesn't look like Harry is coming, maybe we should just kill you right now." Ash smirked lifting up my head with his index finger under my chin.

"H-Harry is coming?" I asked as they laughed.

"Obviously not, guess you're not worth it to him." Calvin chuckled as I sighed.

"But don't be sad princess, more for us." Henry smirked stroking my cheek.

"Get off me you sick bastards!" I shouted and slammed my elbow in Will's stomach as he let go of me.

I kicked George in the nuts as he fell down on the floor and dropped his gun. I quickly picked it up and aimed for Henry, Ash and Calvin.

"You won't shoot us." Henry chuckled as they came towards me.

"I w-will." I stuttered and backed.

"Then do it." Calvin commanded as my back hit the wall.

George and Will stood up and walked towards me as well. I hesitated on pulling the trigger, I could never live with the thought of me killing a person.

"Please let me go." I begged as Ash pulled the gun away from me.

Calvin took a step forward and punched me down on the floor. I gasped as I held my hand over my cheek where he hit me. Will took a shot as well and kicked me in the stomach.

I moaned in agony as I looked up at them. Ash slowly aimed the gun towards me, "Any last words before you die?" He smirked as I started to breathe faster and heavy.

"Go to hell." I whispered through gritted teeths.

"Oh, we're already here baby." He chuckled about to pull the trigger when suddenly the frontdoor got shut open. 

All of our heads snapped towards the direction and my eyes widened as I saw the people who was running inside with guns in their hands.

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