"Hello, my name is Kimberly and I will be your waitress for today." I told the guys and brought up my pen. "Can I take your order?" I added as the curly one chuckled. "Yeah, I want a piece of your ass." He smirked pinching my butt.


9. And I won't hesitate on doing it again.

So guys, I couldn't sleep tonight so I wrote a little, now it's only 6 AM and I'm s tired but still can't sleep.


Kimberly's P.O.V

"Are we going to torture her?" I heard a dark voice say.

I slowly opened my eyes, I was bound to a chair. Looking around I saw that I was in an empty room.

"Yeah of course." I heard another voice say from outside the door, which I recognized. It was the guy that knocked down Harry.

I tried to move but I was all stuck. My arms were bound to the armrests of the chair with chains, my stomach was bound to the back of the chair and my legs were bound to the legs of the chair. I had a massive headache, I could feel and hear the blood pound through my veins. I looked down and saw alot of blood on my blouse.

"See who's awake." A man said, I lifted up my head and spotted the guy who knocked Harry down, apparently me too.

"Where am I?" I asked as he chuckled and dramatically walked over to me.

"You're in a room." He smirked and stood in front of me.

"No shit Sherlock." I said under my breath.

"Don't be mouthy with me, bitch." He spat and bent down, leaning his hands over mine.

His face was inches away from mine, he bit his lips as he looked down on my lips.

"I'm George." He smirked looking back up in my eyes.

"I didn't ask." I snapped as he clenched his jaw.

He stood up straight and then slapped my face. I gasped as I looked down to the side, biting my lips to hold in my tears. Suddenly I felt him grab my hair and pulled my head up to face him.

"What's your name sweetheart." He asked through gritted teeths.

"K-Kimberly." I stuttered as he chuckled.

"Look Kimberly." He said as he let go of my hair and took a couple of steps back. 

I spotted four other guys that were behind him yesterday at the club come inside.

"We'll keep you here, all until your little boyfriend and his friends brings us the money." He said clapping his hands together.

"I'm George as you know, this is Ash, Calvin, Henry and Will." George spoke pointing at each of the guys.

"He's not my boyfriend." I whispered as George raised his eyebrows.

"What?" He laughed bending a little forward.

"Harry is not my boyfriend." I whispered harshly.

"As you say princess." He chuckled as everyone left the room.

When they closed the door I couldn't hold it in anymore, tears streamed down my face as I started to move like crazy, trying to pull away from the chains that was holding me to the chair. Only if I didn't meet Harry, none of this would have happened, I should just have said no to him. This is how he earns his money? By killing people? That's not fair.

I stopped trying to get free and just collapsed, my breath was heavy, I heard laughter outside, god I just want to knock them out.

Suddenly the door opened and George stepped inside closing the door after him. He walked over to me, I didn't look up at him, he got down on his knees in front of me.

"You know, Harry and I were bestfriends before, but you know what ruined our friendship?" He asked as I slowly looked up at him, "He killed my sister, right in front of my own eyes."

My eyes widened as I looked into his seablue eyes, "You know what I did to get even?" He asked I I shook my head 'no'.

He smiled as he let out a little laugh, "I killed the love of his life. His first love, Cindy Smith." He whispered as my eyes widened.

"You son of a bitch!" I yelled trying to pull myself away from the chains but it didn't work.

He placed his hand on my shoulder and pushed me back as my tears just ran down my cheeks. His grip were tight as he squeezed my shoulder.

"And I won't hesitate on doing it again." He warned and let go of my shoulder before he left the room.

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