It's All Coming Back To Me

With his best friend and lover gone, Harry Styles finds himself mourning the past. Everything the two did together, every memory, everything. When you lose someone you care about, what would you do to make them happy? He knows he must move on, but with all these memories it seems pretty hard to do...


7. Chapter 7:

I turn the Television off to make the memory stop. I remember that night all to vividly. The night that I was certain something was off about the two of us. That I knew something was going to change.

Maybe I should get out of the house. Get my mind off these things. I get up off the couch and walk over to the coat rack, grabbing my winter coat. I put my arms through the sleeves before opening the door to the winter wasteland. Snow covering the sidewalks and streets. Instead of grabbing the car keys, I just walk out the door. As cold as it is, I need some fresh air.

I walk down the long sidewalk, my feet sinking slightly in the snow. The wind feels cold as it hits against my face. All the houses lights were on, making them look fuzzy from the snow storm. Everything seemed like one of those movie moments. Except its not happy.

I sigh pulling my coat collar closer to me. Jenni would've loved this. Watching the snow fall from the sky, whipping around in the wind.

My heart starts to hurt, from the pain of losing her. I hate this. I just want her back, but I know that's completely impossible. No matter how much I hope, she's gone.

Still walking, I start to see the outlines of a park. Not just any park though. It's the same park Jenni and I used to hang out at all the time. Also the same place we had our first kiss at. A small smile starts to appear on my lips.

It was a warm spring afternoon. We actually were in a huge argument that day... It was Junior year I believe....

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