It's All Coming Back To Me

With his best friend and lover gone, Harry Styles finds himself mourning the past. Everything the two did together, every memory, everything. When you lose someone you care about, what would you do to make them happy? He knows he must move on, but with all these memories it seems pretty hard to do...


13. Chapter 13:

Okay so you may be thinking... Why are all the chapters so short? Well you see, this story isn't meant to be SUUUUPER long, I actually want this to be a shorter book than what I'm used to. And I'm actually planning to make this into a series. This being the first book of course! So yeah! Thank you for the reads!

Stay beautiful!




I loved having those special date nights with Jenni. We always had a great time no matter what it is we were doing. Most of  the time we simply just walked around the town hand in hand. 

 I sigh, pushing myself forward once again on this seemingly never ending walk of memories. The memories making me feel happy yet sad at the same time. Looking back, even now, I realize how involved Jenni was in my life. Even since the beginning. She never lost hope in me, she always urged me to push forward. To keep looking up.

But since she's gone, I can't seem to keep looking up anymore. I always look at things like how they used to be or how they could have been. 

I finally just stop walking. I have no faith to keep myself going forward. Nothing is left. I'm so warn out from all the tears and hurting. I can't take much of this anymore. I see a bench next to me, so I take a seat onto the snowy seat. My head falls into my hands, as I take deep breaths. 

I can't do this. I just can't. But suddenly I think I understand why I started walking in the first place. Now I know where I must go. I stand from the bench and start walking down the sidewalks again. I have to go there. I just have to. 

I walk and walk coming across the little fountain in the center of town. This is where Jenni and I first came when we first moved in together. This is where we celebrated us being together, for what it seemed, forever....

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