It's All Coming Back To Me

With his best friend and lover gone, Harry Styles finds himself mourning the past. Everything the two did together, every memory, everything. When you lose someone you care about, what would you do to make them happy? He knows he must move on, but with all these memories it seems pretty hard to do...


12. Chapter 12:

Date Night *Flashback*


I sit patiently at the table waiting for my lovely lady to walk in. I'm actually really excited for our date tonight. It will be the first time I've see Jenni in person since we went off to college. Which has been hard for me, because I'm so used to going next door and hugging her as much as I wanted.

The bell from the door shakes me from my thoughts. I look to see Jenni looking around the shop. She dyed her hair back to brown, like it was back when we were kids.

"Jenn!", I call over to her smiling widely. She quickly looks over a smile coming over her face as well. The same smile that I have fallen in love with over the years. She runs over to me tackling me into a hug. I hold her tightly, digging my face in her hair.

"It's brown again..." I pretty much state the obvious. She laughs, holding me just as tight, "Yeah.. I got tired of being a blonde. Plus I like it better this way..."

"I think you look perfect no matter what you do...", I say into her hair. Which was exactly what I said to her all those years ago. And I still mean every word of it.

"I missed you my little cheeky chap.."

We both laugh, pulling out from our hug. "So, where would you like to go this evening?" I ask offering her my hand. "Hm.. Well...", a smile crawls on her face, "I would actually just like to walk around town a bit..", she says taking my hand.

"Whatever you like..." I say happily leading her out of the shop. Walking around town sounds perfect, because that means I can just spend time with her. Just holding hands and laughing together is enough for me. As long as she's with me, I'm perfectly fine.

"So. How have you been?" Jenni asks swinging our arms as we walk. I laugh lightly, "I've been pretty good. Schools been good, but I have missed you a whole heck of a lot..."

She sighs squeezing my hand slightly, "I've missed you too. Skype and texting isn't enough anymore!" She says dramatically making me laugh.

"How has your life been without your cheeky chap?", I ask teasingly. Jenni smiles looking at me. "Well. School has been pretty good. I met some pretty cool people, but none could ever replace you.." She says with a tap to my nose.

"Good to know that I'm not being replaced.." I say with a laugh.


We continue walking around the town, laughing at everything, and smiling together like good old times. Everything was just so perfect. Even though I knew after tonight we would both go back off to school and have to wait more months till out next meeting. But knowing that she loves me and wants to be with me keeps me going on.

Because like I said before. She is my sunshine...

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