It's All Coming Back To Me

With his best friend and lover gone, Harry Styles finds himself mourning the past. Everything the two did together, every memory, everything. When you lose someone you care about, what would you do to make them happy? He knows he must move on, but with all these memories it seems pretty hard to do...


11. Chapter 11:

I close my eyes tightly trying to look away from the field. Which is hard to do, since technically the beginning of the rest of my life started in that field.

I drag myself away from the field, continuing down the long snowy sidewalks. Soon enough I'm in the middle of the town, which has all the shops and restaurants scattered about. People are inside all the shops, smiling with their friends. They all seem so happy. I keep walking when I walk past the old coffee shop that is still very popular today.

I smile backing up to look inside the shop. The people inside reading books, on laptops taking advantage of the free wifi, and of course sipping on coffee.

That's when I remember the one time Jenni and I met up here for our date night one night. We were in college and since we decided to stay together, we worked hard to keep in contact. Finally we had a free night for us both, so we took advantage of that by meeting up here...

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