It's All Coming Back To Me

With his best friend and lover gone, Harry Styles finds himself mourning the past. Everything the two did together, every memory, everything. When you lose someone you care about, what would you do to make them happy? He knows he must move on, but with all these memories it seems pretty hard to do...


1. Chapter 1:

I can't believe she's actually gone. She's never going to be at my side ever again. I'm never going to be able to caress her face when she's sad. Play with her soft hair. Laugh together. Make fun of her when she does something stupid, but adorable. Cuddle with her on the couch when we watch a movie.

All of those are just a distant memory now. Sometimes, it's even hard to picture her face. Every time I try to remember my eyes start watering. My heart breaks over and over again when I remember she's not here.

As I lay in the dark bedroom that we once shared, I can't help but want to cry. But I can't. I have to be strong for her, I have to show her that I can be happy even when she isn't here. Which is pretty hard to do, considering she was part of my everyday life. Waking up next to her every morning. Falling asleep next to her each night. That's all done now, forever.

I climb into bed staring at all the old photographs of us together all around the room. Some hung on the walls, some on the dresser. We both look so happy in those pictures. It seems like the pictures are the only thing left of her here. The only things that remind me to never forget.

I smile at one photo in particular. When we were kids, she was my neighbor. We were around six maybe seven, and we had our arms around each other. I laugh softly remembering the day. And before I knew it all the memories were flying back to me.

It was all coming back to me. Every memory. Every event. Every day together.

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