a chaotic trip to Las Vegas

Anna is a seventeen year old student who's dating eighteen year old blonde surfer Josh Terre , she goes on holiday to Las Vegas and tries to have a stress free month but things get difficult when she meets dark haired eighteen year old mysterious bookworm Matthew Moor she tries to fight the fact shes in love but after a unanswered phone call Josh gets suspicious and tries to find out what's happening with Anna trying to avoid Matthew and Josh doing whatever it takes to find her this story is a excitement and will keep you on your toes throughout the story!

age 10+ chaotic


1. a sleepover, a puppy and a new tv

Me and my best friend Jenny walked up the corridors of Grondeville high school talking about the sleepover we were going to have tonight at Jennys house "popcorn? "asked Jenny reading off our list "check "I replied ticking it off the list " movies?"she asked "check"I sighed ticking it off the list " at lastly makeup and chocolate cake? "we both erupted Into giggles "check and check "I tried to retain my breath back "all set tonights gonna rock "exclaimed Jenny "yeah and especially now I've got my new plasma TV "said Jenny I nodded moving a strand of brown hair out my eyes we said goodbye as I walked into science class and Jenny walked into music. At the end of the day Jenny's mum was standing at the gate surprisingly early with a adorable brown small puppy with delicate toffee eyes "who's dog is this? "asked Jenny reaching down to pat the puppy "its yours Jen you know how to always moan for a puppy well here's a puppy he's called Caramel !" exclaimed Jennys mum "thank you thank you thank you! "squealed Jenny hugging her mum who laughed as we walked to Jennys house. We sat on their cream couch and watched our favourite show Tracey Beaker,caramel perched at Jennys feet as she patted him and fed him dog biscuits. We then went upstairs to play hairdressers,I platted Jennys long blonde hair but thought it was babyish so I took it down and tried braids with little pink,purple and red beads she was delighted and using her mums curling tongs curled my hair in waves around my head I surprisingly looked good and even better with pink blusher on my cheeks and a pearly pink lipstick smothered on my lips!, we changed into Jennys clothes most were hand downs from Jennys mum, I wore a purple sparkly vest t-shirt that hung low on one shoulder and a short black skirt with some heels (too big!) but were stuffed with tissue paper at the toe Jenny wore a short red dress and red heels that were her mums. We were hungry and went downstairs for a feast of salmon with cottage cheese and broccoli followed by pink buns with a cherry we retrieved upstairs and turned on the TV, inserted the dvd and started eating chocolate cakes and popcorn.

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