Secret Of Secrets

People have always thought about secrets. About how frustrating they are to keep. How horrible they can be or how daunting. But has anyone thought about the secret which holds all secrets together? Has anyone ever realized that a secret might be a lie?


1. Lucy

Lucy picked the clovers that sat in her garden, searching for another one with four leaves. She was bored, exhausted really. She'd been up all night, her light on with her door tightly shut and locked. She was scared, never got a wink of sleep sitting on her bed cuddling Snuggles; her comfort teddy. She usually slept during the day, when she knew she would be safe with all her family awake. She never told anyone of her fears, not even her trusted family who she knew she could tell anything; but she didn't. No, she couldn't. She couldn't risk it.

Lucy wasn't even entirely sure what she was terrified of. All she knew was that she could feel the presence of something in her room at night, also frightened but wanting to communicate with her in her sleep. She knew she was going crazy, that all the feelings were fake... but she couldn't stop thinking about it. When she closed her eyes she would try to think of other things but the horrible feeling just came back to her and she couldn't. Sometimes she would think of going downstairs, but again, she couldn't. Just in case someone heard and they'd find out she hadn't been sleeping. Lucy couldn't take risks, she had to stick with the obvious options.

Lucy believed that she would eventually grow out of the horrible feeling but that's what she had felt for years and she still hadn't got any better.

All she knew was that if she hoped and prayed, things would finally get better...

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