Imagines One Direction

This is just short imagines i have done before so i will post a new one each chapter if you want me to write a short one for you i will just ask in the comments


4. Zayn Malik

     You are staying at a friend’s house, but you have to go with her and her family to an art show first. Neither of you could find anything good. You then find this one painting you like. You don’t know what it is but you just feel like you connect with this painting. You ask if you could meet the artist. They say I can but only if I wait till after the show. It was very late when the show finished. I asked why we had to wait so long. We got told it was because he was so famous but not for art. We then saw the artist. We were shocked we knew exactly who he was. He comes over and goes to say ‘hi I am…” but your friend just yells “Zayn Malik” before he finishes. You go to shake his hand and he holds onto it for a while.  You give a little grin as you turn your head. You sit there and talk for a while when you are told you have to go home. You beg to stay longer when Zayn offers to drive you home. You accept the deal and stay talking for ages when he finally decides that he is going to draw you. You are tired and nearly fall asleep. He helps you to your feet and you walk out to the car. Zayn gives you his jumper and wraps it around you. On the way home you fall asleep. Without you realising he takes a picture. When you get to your friends you ask to borrow his phone to call so you can get in. You look to find you are his background. You just smile at him and he smiles back. You go to check your emails in the morning to find a video from Zayn saying how sweet you are. You can’t help but think you are the luckiest girl in the world.        

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