Imagines One Direction

This is just short imagines i have done before so i will post a new one each chapter if you want me to write a short one for you i will just ask in the comments


5. Louis Tomlinson

   You and your friend have gone out for the day and just bought an icecream. You have decided to go across the road to the park. You are just standing there talking when you get pushed. You fall on your back and your icecream squashes on your face followed by a man falling on top of you. You let off a scream as you fall to the ground. The man stumbles to his knees to apologise. You wipe the icecream of your eyes to see the man that knocked you over was Louis Tomlinson. He offers you his hankie to wipe the icecream off your face. Louis then helps you to your feet and keeps saying that he is sorry. You tell him it is ok and to stop apologising. He then offers to buy you a new icecream. You go back to the shop and sit down and talk for a while. You and Louis are in your own world and you forgot about your friends and the other boys from One Direction. Everyone comes into the icecream shop smiling and laughing. Liam said that all the girls were going home and they are heading back to the motel and were going to get ready to go out tonight. You gave Louis your number and told him you would see him later tonight. You had only just started walking home when you get a text from Louis. It said that he misses you. You all go out for dinner and you were all going to head down to the bowling centre when Louis said that you weren’t going. You look at him strangely. He just smiles and he puts and arm firmly around you shoulder and you start walking. You then realise that he is taking you to the movies. You thought he was going to pick an action but he picked a romantic. When you are in the movies Louis moves the arm rest so you can cuddle up next to him. When the movie finishes Louis takes you outside in this corner of the building and kisses you. You are a bit shocked but love it.         

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