Imagines One Direction

This is just short imagines i have done before so i will post a new one each chapter if you want me to write a short one for you i will just ask in the comments


1. Harry Styles

     You have just said goodnight and was heading to bed. As soon as you walk into your room you hear your pet dogs barking. You hear your parents go outside and you go back out. Your mum comes in and tells you to go outside. Your dad then asks you are all these boys....... One Direction. You just look and go OMG and yes, you were so shocked. You then ask what they are doing at your house. They reply saying they were being chased and needed to stay here for a night or two. They all hopped out of the car and start to walk into the house. You suddenly fall over in this little hole. All the boys ask if you are ok you say you are when you have really hurt your leg. You get up and wait for them to walk in front of you. You then start to limp inside. Harry turns around and is shocked to see you in pain, then says “you obviously not ok you are limping, let me carry you inside”. You say “no it is ok”. He insists you at least lean on him. You hop a few steps and Harry sweeps you off your feet and carries you inside. He places you down on the lounge and walks to the kitchen and asks your mum for an ice pack. He comes over and so gently places in on your leg. He sees that you have tears in your eyes and a few down your cheek. He then sits down next to you, puts an arm around you and wipe away your tears. And you just feel like you are in heaven. You end up falling asleep on his chest with his arm around you.       

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