Lost In You

Angelica is just a normal girl who used to work in a bar, until Niall Horan came in and turned her life upside-down.


5. Telling Jessica

A/N: Sorry it took so long, I've been extremely busy and this chapter is a little longer.

I wake up in my bed around midnight, Harry must've brought me here. I hear some tapping on my window but I think that it's just the tree out there. When it doesn't stop after ten minutes though, I get up and go over. I open the curtains and I am shocked and a little scared to see a male figure. As my eyes adjust I can make out Niall. 

"What are you doing here," I ask as I open the window.  "I need to see you, can I please come in?" I nod and help him through the small space.  "Alright, out with it, what's so important that it couldn't wait?" "I know that you're Harry's sister and it's so wrong but I think I might love you." Somewhere in the past three days I think I fell for him too. "Niall, I think that I might feel the same but what about everything that's happened?" "We don't have to tell them who you really are," says Harry's voice from the doorway.  "Really?" "Yeah, that way you won't have to deal so much with everyone else. And by that I mean Jessica." I look at Niall and catch his eye. He kisses me softly but starts getting a bit rougher. "Hey," says Harry,"Watch it, that's my sister you're kissing and I'm right here." "Sorry," Niall says.  ******************************************** I wake up the next morning to a scream, Niall and Harry had stayed over and Jessica must've seen Harry on the couch.  "How the- wha- when," she asks when I come out of my room.  "Jessica, relax," I say.  "I can't! Harry Styles and Niall Horan are here!" "Jess, have something to tell you. But you have to calm down." "Are you going to explain how Harry is here?" "Yes." "Okay." She calms down a bit and I say,"Harry...is my twin brother." She looks completely shocked.  "You cannot say anything to anyone, for all they know I'm just dating Niall." "I promise I won't, but why?" "I didn't want to be famous," I say.  "Oh, that's understandable...now I know why you're always so awkward about me liking Harry." "Yep!" She laughs a little and Niall's arms wrap around me from behind. "Well hello," I say, turning around.  "You're beautiful, too beautiful to be working in a bar with drunken guys trying to take advantage of you..." "I agree," says Harry.  "Yeah, I know you do! I don't usually get drunk with random guys, Niall, and I can handle myself." "I don't doubt that, but you got drunk with me." "I know who you are, you still don't know a whole lot about me." "I plan on changing that," Niall lifts me onto the counter in my kitchen and kisses me passionately.  "Not now Niall, one: I'm not ready; and two: my brother is right in the living room." "Good, don't let any guy do that to you against your will." I roll my eyes and say,"And I won't." I hop off of the counter but he stops me. "Don't leave," he says, giving me a really cute puppy dog face-but I'm hungry. "I'm getting food," I say, going to the fridge and pulling out some things for a sandwich.  "Let me ask you, why do you live here?" "I refuse to let Harry buy me a house, or anything else that expensive." "I'd prefer that you didn't live in this tiny flat with hardly any protection," Harry calls from the living room.  "I can fend for myself." "That's what you think." "You do remember that I'm a black belt, right?" "You do remember who won when we used to wrestle, right?" "That was before I took karate, now I can put you in a chokehold faster than you could ever pin me down." "You wouldn't be able to if I didn't make you take those classes." "That's your own fault," I say, taking a bite out of my now finished sandwich. Harry doesn't answer so I finish eating go check on him. "AHH!" He jumps out at me and I react by putting him into a chokehold without thinking. I quickly let him go and say,"What the hell Harry?" "I was just testing you!" "Yeah, well I'm fine! Don't ever do that again though." I walk away from him on the floor as he says,"You've gotten better, little sister." "By TWO minutes, Harry!" I go to my room, grab some clothes and a towel, and go to the bathroom. "I'll be back," I say,"Harry, you know the rules!" "You can't tell me what to do!" "It's my flat so I can!"
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