Lost In You

Angelica is just a normal girl who used to work in a bar, until Niall Horan came in and turned her life upside-down.


2. Oh, Jessica

The next morning I woke up and didn't see him, but I did smell something from the kitchen. Food. I walk out of my bedroom and see him making breakfast, in nothing but his boxers. He looks up for a second and says,"Great, you're awake, do you want some breakfast?"

"Uh, sure...," damn his morning voice is sexy.  What am I thinking? I just met the guy two days ago.  "I didn't really know what you would want so I made everything that I could find." There was everything...bacon, eggs, pancakes, and waffles, I swear in that moment I think I fell for him a tiny bit more. I made coffee and poured some for the both of us. My roommate walked out and almost screamed. "Is it...is he..." "Yes, Jessica, Niall Horan is here." "What about Harry?" "No, Niall stayed over, we met at the bar a couple of days ago." Jessica has always been obsessed with One Direction, Harry being her favorite.  "I'll be back, I gotta take a shower," I said.  I turned on some Three Days Grace and stepped into the shower, the hot water hitting my back. I sang along to the lyrics until I got out and put on some clothes and some light blush, eyeliner, mascara, and Chapstick. I come out to see that he had eaten most of the food and gotten dressed.  "Well you're not really into my music, are you," asked Niall.  "Your music's okay but it doesn't much about how life really is, it's too happy." "I'd rather it be happy than depressing and angry." "Yeah well life is depressing,"I said, sitting on the couch,"Where's Jessica?" "She left fangirling like crazy." "Typical Jess." "So she just leaves you here alone while she fangirls?" "She's got Directioner friends, how long has she been gone?" "About ten minutes, why?" "Well you better hide, because in about two minutes ten One Direction crazed girls are going to burst through that door and I won't be able to help you." A look of horror crossed his face and he started looking for a place to hide. "My bedroom, under the bed, that's the only place she never looks because she just glances in there for a second." "Thanks," he practically runs to my room, nearly tripping over the couch.  The girls rush in and Jessica screams,"WHERE IS HE?!" "He left," I lied,"He had to do something One Direction related." "Aww...," several girls sighed. They all left and I waited a few minutes before saying,"Niall, they're gone, you can come out now." "Good," he said coming out of my room,"Hiding under beds hurts, I don't suggest it." "How else do you think I hide from Jess when she's having a fangirl attack?" "Good point...I actually do have something One Direction related. I almost forgot, thanks for saving my arse." "Your welcome." "Are you working tonight?" "Nope." "Damn it, I guess I'll have to sneak in through your bedroom window. " "You do that then." He leaves and I sit around for the rest of the day with no disturbances from Jessica.    **A/N: Hey! I know this chapter kind of sucked but I'm trying, thank you to everyone who favorites! I love you all!<3 -Alyssa xx
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