Lost In You

Angelica is just a normal girl who used to work in a bar, until Niall Horan came in and turned her life upside-down.


1. Meeting Him For The First Time

I don't know if I loved him first, I don't know when or how I fell for him. We met while I was working, he has never been the kind of guy I usually liked. He wasn't in a metal band or anything, he was different. He's in a wildly famous boyband, One Direction. I never would've given him a chance if he didn't try so hard to get me, persistent little Niall Horan. 

I worked in a bar at the time, surprised? Don't be, I like to drink. He came in almost everyday, and I swear he begged my boss to have me serve him, not that a lot of guys that went there didn't try hitting on me. But again, Niall was different, he didn't try too hard, just hard enough so that it wasn't annoying as hell.  ***** "What's your name," he asked.  "Angelica." Well that was weird, normally guys just get straight to the stupid pick-up lines.  "Well, Angelica, can I get a couple o' pints?" "Yeah, be right back." When I brought him the drinks he said,"Drink one with me." "Sorry, I'm not supposed to drink while I'm working." "I'm sure your boss wouldn't mind if you had one." He was right, Jeff is pretty laid back and I'm off in ten anyways. "I'll be back, I'm gonna go and see if I can get off ten minutes early." Jeff let me be done because we weren't that busy. Niall and I drank until close, he took me to his place because I was too drunk to remember where I lived. I remember waking up in his bed the next day, not knowing how I had gotten there. He was gone, I left thinking that it was just a one night stand.  But he was back at the bar that night, apologizing for not being there when I woke up and wanting to buy me some more drinks. I said no to the drinks since I still had a massive headache from the night before. He stayed until I got off, offering to take me home, which I accepted. I let him stay over, was I already falling for him at this point? I don't let very many guys take me home, let alone stay over. But Niall just had something that I couldn't place my finger on. 
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