Sonny Demato was the new girl school. When she meets a girl named Emily Brooks and 5 Boys Her Life Completely Changes.


2. The Vending Machine Boy

Sonny's Pov

After classes went by it was finally a free period. I wanted to stay with emily and meet her friends. So I did, but I got so hungry. "Hey, do you know where I could find a vending machine?" She said "Yeah just go down there." She pointed down the hallway. "Thanks." I walked all the way down from there I could see a boy there. I stepped behind him waiting for my turn. He was banging on the glass trying to get the snack out. "Need any help?" He nodded his head than looked at me. "Who are you?" "I'm uh the new girl.." I froze there looking into his bright blue eyes. He said "You must be Emily's friend, i'm Niall." "Yeah I am, how did you know?" "Principal told us we'd be getting a new student and Emily really wanted to be your friend." "She did?" "Yeah she's been waiting for this." I said "Oh so you must be one of her friends." "Yeah I am." He smiled. "Well that's nice. She was going to introduce me to you guys, but I guess I ran into one." I giggled awkwardly. He giggled the same way. "Yeah, where ya from." He said with an irish accent. "Uh California I seem to be the only different one here.." "Your not the only one different, I am too." "Your irish right?" "Yeah, what's your next class?" "History, yours?" "Same we should walk together if that's okay with you." I said "Sure i'm fine with that." "Cool oh and let's get you meeting the rest of the boys." "Okay, but what about your snack?" I giggled and he looked over to it. Suddenly the snack drops and he pulls it out. "Got it let's go."


Niall's Pov

This girl didn't seem so dramatic like those other bitches. She was different, but not in that bad way in a way that's just perfect. I walked over to the boys finding her following me. "Boys meet our new friend..uh name please?" She giggled "Sonny Demato." "Meet our lovely friend miss Sonny Demato, wow sick name." She laughed and I just enjoyed hearing it.


Sonny's Pov

They stood there in a line and I got so nervous. One said "Hiiii i'm Louis!" I didn't expect this one would be loud. Another said "I'm Liam nice to meet you." "Nice to meet you too." I smiled. "I'm Styles, Harry Styles." Louis said "Yeah the flirt!" Harry winked at me and I just blushed. Then there was the last one he seemed pretty quiet like me. He said "Um hi my name is Zayn." He just looked at me and I did the same. I smiled. "Hey." He smiled at me than looked down.


Zayn's Pov

Wow she's really beautiful. I want to get to know her. "Um hey, what's up?" She said "Not much really."

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