I Was Just A Fan (A 5SOS Fanfic)

Hai my names Elissia (its pronounced el-e-see-a) Im 16 and my best friends are also both 16 their names are Amber and Taylor and we are all inlove with famous peope


17. You Don't Know Her Like I Do

Calum p.o.v

I woke up to Taylor of course she is always having to wake me up but it was 12:00pm too and as usually Ashton was still asleep and Elissia was too so I went to Michaels room and everyone except Amber was awake she was getting ready though I figured everyone was still tired the trip yesterday anyways and Luke Ashotn and Elissia just sleep a lot so I went and put on some jeans a t shirt and a beanie while I waited on Taylor and Amber get ready I went downstairs to the lobby and got on twitter and everyone was asking me Luke and the other boys and girls if Jeannie and Luke are official I wondered why at first but I then seen Lukes tweet about Juke he really does like her I doubt the girls have seen this but I just laughed to myself even after 2 months of knowing Taylor I didn't ask her out until the past two months Luke is really just putting it out there to everyone even the fans I guess he didn't regret tweeting it and if he does by the time he wakes up its to late every has seen it but I didn't respond to anyone I was going to Luke tell them by the time I read most of the comments and questions and responded to some not about Juke everyone was in the lobby ready to go out for the day I must have been down here for a while then

"Oh I didn't know I was down here so long sorry"I said standing walking to them

"Yeah its been like a hour"Taylor nodded

I couldn't help but ask

"Oh have any of you checked your Twitters well any social sites mostly"I asked smiling at Luke and he knew after a second I seen it

"Uhm no we all just got ready but I think we need to"Elissia said taking out her phone just like everyone else except Luke

"Yeah mostly Jeannie though"I laughed

Luke must have got a little embarrassed when everyone was like AWHH and Jeannie was just smiling and blushing because he moved but I made sure Jeannie didn't see me and pointed for him to go back over to her and he did but he looked down the whole time

No one really talked about it until after a few minutes of us walking to get breakfast Jeannie finally said something

"Yeah Maybe one day Luke if you try hard enough everyone will just have to wait"Jeannie smirked

"Haha oh you don't know how much im willing"Luke smiled

"Really"Jeannie asked

"Really"Luke said

Oh this was so intense like a movie

"Then prove it ill be waiting"Jeannie smirked again walking a little faster up to Elissia and Ashton leaving Luke behind

Yeah they flirt A LOT it is getting kinda ridiculous she is just waiting for Luke basically but he isn't really doing anything until that tweet so Taylor and I got him to the back of the group to talk to him

"Luke really why aren't you doing anything"Taylor asked slapping his shoulder

"What are you talking about"Luke asked

He was just avoiding talking about it he knew exactly what she was asking

"Luke really you know what we mean why aren't you just asking out or at least planning to ask out Jeannie yet you obviously like her just ask her"I said kinda loud hoping no one except Luke and Taylor heard me

"Calum we have known each other for two days that tweet was a joke I mean I like her and I want a us thing to exist but its been two days okay just wait guys I promise it will happen but not to soon I cant just rush her"Luke said getting a little mad

Taylor and I just sighed he wont just do something already and Luke walked in front of the us the rest of the time we walked to get to breakfast and finally we got to breakfast and it was awkward for everyone else because Luke was still mad at me and Taylor and no one knew why

Luke p.o.v

Taylor and Calum don't completely understand why im so mad at them but I also cant really tell them either I could just say Jeannie and I are really close already we talked a lot in a deeper level as the hours went on last night I can just say she has been hurt...a lot by everyone practically and im not saying I would hurt her she is just really scared of who she trusts anymore im not offended but I don't she even trusts me fully well any of us yet so I just don't want to rush her in to anything and make her feel pressured

"Uhm are you okay"Jeannie asked me taking me out of my daydream of our conversation last night

"What oh yeah just thinking about what you said last night at dinner"I said looking at her but talking quiet because I didn't know if she wanted to talk about it

"Oh yeah im sorry for just bursting out like that talking that deep and like I said I don't trust most people anymore but Luke I do actually..trust you"Jeannie said quiet but also like she hasn't said that in a long time well because she hasnt

"Really you trust me I mean like why"I asked

"I don't know just you are just yeah I don't know Luke I just do"Jeannie smiled

"But why of all people why me I mean I know and you know we like each other we cant deny that but why are you so easily to trust me in like 2 days"I asked again

We both excused ourselves to go out side and talk and by excused I mean we said we would be right back and left but we got tired of whispering to hide it

"Luke I don't know just your a good listener you listened but you still stayed with me you didn't walk away you didn't feel sorry for me but you cared enough to stay but I didn't want to be felt sorry for all I wanted was for someone to care and stay not just leave because I don't have a perfect life or never did I you seen how upset I was thinking and talking about it most people would leave knowing I get really upset about everything that has happened a lot it just means a lot to me and you didn't act any different to me or anyone else after we came back so they didn't ask you about it and you didn't tell any of them"Jeannie said most of it fast but the end slower

I only smiled back while I thought what to say back

"Are you going to Taylor well anyone else about everything"I asked

"Uhm yeah probably tonight actually I can't just randomly get sad and only you know why and make everyone else worry but then be okay the with in a hour they will all think im weird or have some disorder or something"Jeannie said

I was listening to her but I was also thinking about a few minutes ago when I went off on Calum and Taylor I shouldn't have got mead they really don't know why I don't want to rush her then everyone came out ready to go so Jeannie instantly shut up about what we were talking about and I decided to apologize to Calum and Taylor but im pretty sure Jeannie heard me

"Hey im sorry ok I got so mad okay I just don't want to rush anything with her"I said

"But why you wouldn't care with any other girl is it because she is my sister"Taylor asked

"No I just don't want to rush her I have my reasons to not also"I said scared they would ask me what reasons right after I said that

"Reasons what are your reasons then"Calum asked

"Uhm well uh I just..really like her and I don't want to mess anything up"I made something up

I wasn't lying I do really like Jeannie but that's far from the reason I wont just do ahead and ask her out yet

"Ok Luke you know we all know she likes you too and we know you wouldn't wait if you knew she liked you and she does so whats the real reason"Calum asked

I wanted to get mad again but I couldn't if they just knew already they would have never asked

"BECAUSE CALUM Okay"I kinda raised my voice but I wasn't yelling but everyone heard me and looked at me

"MATE just tell me why"Calum stopped walking making Taylor and I stop and then soon enough everyone else too

"Because you don't know her like I do okay I know why I cant rush her you don't and wont until she tells you okay I want to be safe with her I don't want to scare or loose her just let it go okay"I said kinda loud again but not really yelling just loud but im sure everyone heard me

"Okay that's all we wanted to know"Taylor said

"You really don't get it"I said to both of them

I went up to talk to Jeannie about what just happened though im sure she heard most of it she acted like she did but I asked her if she would just tell the girls now and they can tell the guys I know she is kinda closer to the girls and me and she agreed

Elissia p.o.v

I don't want to say I was jealous but just left out since Jeannie has got here Luke just talks to her about everything its been like 2 days but I miss him talking to me about all his problems its like he doesn't really need me anymore I miss just me and him staying up like last night if Jeannie wasn't here me and Luke would have had one of those night we stay up talking outside about just random pointless and some important things and life I don't think he is going to remember me I'll miss him I seen him upset talking to Jeannie if she wasn't here he would talk to me don't get me wrong though im so happy Jeannie is here and I love her I just miss Luke but then I seen Luke run up to me and say something so I stopped thinking about it

"Sorry what"I said shaking my head looked at him

"I said you Amber and Taylor need to come with me and Jeannie she has got to tell you and them something then you guys have to come back and tell the guys she is just more comfortable telling the girls and I already know Ashton Michael all ready knows but we will be back just stay at the mall we will be there hopfully soon and Michael already knows but tell Calum"Luke sais kinda fast grabbing my wrist then walking across the road to the park with the girls following him and the guys just walking to the mall still

When Luke talks fast it is important or he is really excided for something or nervous so I was kinda scared then we all sat down and Jeannie started talking like she was nervous to tell them but Luke insisted her to just tell us

"Ok only Luke knows this because I can just trust him because he just listened and stayed most people wouldn't but I hope you all and the guys stay with me"Jeannie said

"Of course we will stay with you I mean we love you Jeannie"I said like it was obvious

"We wouldn't ever leave you or stop liking you for something that probably hurt you but does this have to do with why Calum and Luke are fighting"Taylor asked

"Yeah well the whole thing has to do with that like the whole story wants me not rush"Luke said

"Ok well no offence but I cant just trust anyone and I love everyone so much but I just cant really trust any of you I told Luke I trust him earlier at breakfast though when we went outside this is what we were talking about but one day I feel like I could really trust you all its not that I don't want to its that I cant but as I act now is not what I use to act like I use to trust everyone and think everything in life was going to be perfect but as I said I have only had one friend that moved she knew everything about me and I was also her only friend but she ended but moving not to long ago and well I thought I was her only friend until she moved but I found out the only guy I ever liked that hated me I thought though he didn't he only did because she told him I hated him and all this stuff that wasn't true then told the whole school I slept with people like one I know was she told a cheerleader I was with her boyfriend then told that same guy I hated him she told everyone all my secrets and how I felt like I loved my parents but from 13 until now they only talked to me if I had to clean or to tell me I was stupid for doing something wrong and she knew and she told everyone and she told everyone all my deep thoughts with her about me like when I thought I wanted to die and stuff but she switched it to tell everyone they made me want to kill myself so the whole school hates me and I don't talk to her anymore but I am to nice to tell her I know so I have to be nice to here when I do actually talk to her which is like twice in the past year and a half so a lot of times I will get really sad about those people who call me fat and stuff because they think I hate them when I really don't and ive tried to tell some of them but they don't listen and people call me crazy for getting so sad about it for a hour then the next hour I forget about it if I stay busy I don't think about it but sometimes I do and I am forced to be strong and act strong when im not and it really hurts"Jeannie said looking like she was really hurt

I was listening to her and I felt bad but I seen how Luke was upset about it for her having to go through that I wanted to just hug him because he would usually talk to me about it but he isn't and I couldn't hug him when he would just end up not talking to me and it but only Jeannie I am really missing Luke then I don't know what came over me but I spoke up

"Ok im sorry Jeannie you had to go through that and im so proud you are so strong if you don't think you are you still are at least strong enough o act like it but ive got say something and I don't mean to be mean to you cause you know I love you and you and Luke together but Luke what happened to me I feel like you have forgot about me"I said still not thinking what I am saying

"WHAT Elissia I love you your my bestfriend I haven't or will I ever forget you why are you thinking I forgot you"Luke asked like he was shocked

"Just like ok this is going to sound really mean Jeannie but again I love having you here so don't take this wrong but I wouldn't say im jealous but like last night when you guys got back to the hotel if you weren't here well not event hat just if you guys weren't so close me and Luke would of had a night that we stay up until sunrise talking about life and random stuff  we even did that when we weren't together over Skype and the phone and I missed that and when Luke got upset he talked to you im use to being the only one there for him to talk to but im not anymore your here and thank you for talking to him making him calm down but its been 2 days but its been two crazy days mostly today and I just already miss my Luke I mean I don't own him we are just so close Luke and I'm scared you are going to completely forget me and I had to say this I cant help it im sorry"I said really scared Jeannie would be mad at me thinking I want Luke to myself

"Elissia I cant forget you if you don't remember me and Ashton got in a fight that made you go to the hospital and ill never forgive myself for that by the way but there is no way I could just stop talking to you and forget you after that happened I love you more so so so much you help me so much I was just talking to Jeannie one because I like her and we are pretty close but also you have Ashton you don't need me so I felt in the way"Luke said

"LUKE I need you to be honest im probably closer to you than Ashton I mean I can talk to both of you we just talk about life more than me and Ashton which is perfect to me I need a friend that I can talk to about everything and that's you"I smiled

Jeannie was quiet but she didn't seems mad but I wanted to make sure

"Oh and Im sorry Jeannie if you're mad im just use to it just being Luke and I not YOu Luke and I but you know I love you and I want you here so don't think I want Luke for myself because I don't I am just not adjusted to Luke having someone he really likes and can talk to cause he couldn't do that with his last girlfriend"I said hoping she wasn't mad

"Oh no im no mad or anything I get it I mean its normal to not just adjust so suddenly I don't care if you and Luke are close I think its nice he has such a nice loyal friend that I like too"Jeannie smiled

I wasn't 100% sure she was okay with what I said but I know she wasn't mad and that's all that matters

After that Luke and I hugged and it was up to the girls to tell the guys and we did but they didnt really react to it as much as we did mostly because well their guys and they think it is nothing to major but it is and Luke and I agreed to have a night were we stayed up until sunrise when it got dark and we got home


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