I Was Just A Fan (A 5SOS Fanfic)

Hai my names Elissia (its pronounced el-e-see-a) Im 16 and my best friends are also both 16 their names are Amber and Taylor and we are all inlove with famous peope


7. What Everyone Has Been Waiting For

Michael p.o.v

I really feel bad for Amber and well all of them she is always putting them down and making them feeling not as beautiful like they are I am hoping they have already started recording Im scared she could be using Luke for fame cause she is very famous but not in as many places as we are she uses fame and she wants all the attention she can get so Im scared for Luke and if she hurts him or if he stays with her this band could end and that's the last thing I and the boys want

"where did Areea go"i looked around

'she is in the hotel I unbooked the hotel room but she doesn't know that so she didn't ask to stay out here to she is really like scared if i don't go somewhere with a group something is wrong with it so i couldn't tell her"Amber explained

"oh okay well are you okay"I asked conserned

"what do you mean am I okay"Amber looked confused

"Amber you don't have to act like that i can see in the way you look she is hurting you and you really like you cant do anything about it cause you are suppose to be the quiet nice one but you so badly want to scream out that you are hurt and you cant take it anymore"I said holding her hand looking her directly in her eyes seeing she start to tear up as i said you want to scream out

"You get all that from the way i am acting""Amber laughed

"Well and the fact you're about to cry is a big hint too"I joked

"Haha i guess that could give it away too"Amber laughed

"Oh Ashton has this big surprise to ask out Elissia has he told you yet"I asked

"no but i think Elissia is asleep and she is a heavy sleeper lets all talk about it i know ill get confused if i don't talk about it with everyone

"okay lets go see if he is still awake"i said standing up and walking to the bunk beds

"Ashton are you awake"Amber said

"yeah why"i questioned them

"is she awake"I asked

"no what do you need"Ashton asked again

"i want t know the surprise"Amber said

"okay get Calum and Taylor and we will all talk about it in the game rrom so she doesn't hear or wake up"Ashton said climbing over elissia and down his ladder

Ashton p.o.v

I have this surprise to ask out Elissia instead of the regular will you go out with me and it involves everyone too im so excited too both girls have said she wishes i would ask her out now also

"okay well it will happen tomorrow night well about 7 after we eat and stuff we will be in this field i seen on the way I seen here and Michael will hold a big sign saying Will Amber you will hold a sign saying You Calum will hold a sign saying Go Taylor will hold Out and Luke will hold a sign said With and the back will say look behind you when I walk up beside her and ill have a sign saying Me and im hoping she would say yes"I explained my plan to ask Elissia out

"She wont say yes"Amber said with a straight face

"What"i asked confused

"She will just cry but that means yes"Amber laughed

"But how will we get her their with out her knowing you are there"Taylor asked

"Well I guess ill take Luke with me drive there and I guess Areea will come too but she wont be apart of this and you guys will be like they had to go somewhere and then just get her out of the car and keep her eyes closed Taylor should do that and tell her to keep her eyes closed then hold your sign up and tell her open your eyes"

"Oh yeah as long as someone doesn't ruin it for us"I said looking at Amber meaning her sister

"Oh yeah no way of that unless she doesn't say anything bad about us infront of Luke"Amber asked

"Oh no she does he thinks she is joking when she doesn't even laugh about it like a normal person"Michael said

"Well sorry Ashton but I feel like she might have a heart seeing how cute you two are together"Amber apologized for her sister

"Are we even sure she has a heart"Taylor laughed

"She has to I know I can feel she has a frozen heart cold and frozen through everyday not feeling emotional more of a robot but a girl screaming yelled and dying to get out but that cant happen until her heart feels warmth and emotions"Amber said showing her writer side

"Well we all know why Ambers a writer now"Calum joked

"Just saying"Amber added

"Okay lets just go to bed now"Michael said

"Yeah before I say anymore weird stuff"Amber laughed

-2 pm the next day-

Lukes p.o.v

This is the first time ill ever to see Areea in person and im so excited we don't really talk or know much about each other but I guess she is always busy but I guess that's okay I think the guys think she is mean but I knoe she is just joking cause she doesn't say that kind out stuff about me and Ashton is going to ask out Elissia today she explained everything i think she will like it yeah i do still think she is beautiful and if she wasn't with Ashton I would love to have went out with her but we are really close now like i feel like she is my sister now but i also have Areea now but even if she is my girlfriend i feel like id take Elissias side on anything just cause of how close we are

"HEY GUYS"I shouted scaring everyone before they realized who it was

"LUKE"Elissia screamed jumping up and hugging him first

"Haha hey Elissia i missed you i missed all of you"I said excited

"Even me"Calum pouted

"No not you"I joked making Calums smile into a frown

"Okay fine Calum i missed you too"I said making him smile again

"I didn't get that excitement when you seen me Elissia


"Where is Areea"I asked

They all started to laugh so hard when i asked

"Okay what am i missing"I asked

"Nothing Luke she is just in the hotel putting on her 2 sizes to small 8 inch heels"Amber laughed

"Oh well that's going to be awkward for her to be so much taller than me"I said feeling really short now

"she always wears heels so get use to it"Amber sassed

"Well im going to surprise her i guess ill text her and say ill be late ill be their in 4 hours and she will come out to the bus and ill sneak in and surprise her"i said

i decided to hide other side of the bus so she didn't see me

Ashton p.o.v

I decided to record this just incase cause when she does shee us she always has something mean to say

"Luke just texted me and said he wont be here until 4 more hours i don't know why i would want to tell you ugly people but i guess i would since he is in your guys stupid emo direction band.....for now"Areea complained

I am almost about to just taking Luke in the middle of the night and leaving her here and he wouldn't be able to find her

"Hey"Luke said smoothly walking in the bus

Well we screaming Hey she only gets a hey haha well we see how this relationship is going to go but I seen Elissia give me a weird look cause I was about to laugh at that thought

"LUKE OH MY GOD"Areea screamed hugging him

"Haha its nice to finally meet you"Luke let go of her hug

"Luke you sound like you are talking to a fan haha"Elissia laughed

"Im sorry there little sister it just feels awkward dating her for so long and not meeting her I don't know what to say really"Luke apologized

"Uhm little..sister"Areea asked very confused

"Oh haha yeah I think of Elissia like a little sister I would do anything for her in the world for her so she is never hurt"Luke said sweetly

Well everyone knows we like each other even us and we talk about it all the time and so does everyone else so we don't really care

"Uhm Ashton you are just going to sit there like you are just okay with him saying that about her"Areea asked me

"Uhm yeah I mean its not like me and her are dating and I doubt they are dating behind my back"I said

This caused everyone to burst out laughing exept Areea does she want me and Luke to fight again or something

"Well I don't get it but okay"Areea said mad

"Okay different subject"Amber said as things got awkward

"Well how was the trip here"Luke asked

"Good we listened to your songs over and over all the way down"Areea said lying

"Uhm no we didn't we listened to Ed sheeran and One direction only Taylor Elissia and I did you said you didn't want to listen to them If I must quote you said I don't want to listen to that ugly emo direction band"Amber said truthfully

Elissia p.o.v

I am so happy what Luke said about me it is just so nice to have a guy friend that close to me but I could tell Areea was so mad and its like she wanted them to fight again and why would she lie about listening to them just stop I just want to slap her all the time and I and Taylor couldn't help but go ooooooo when Amber said what she said about the songs but they guy gave her a death stare while Luke let her explain

"I mean I was just joking haha they know that too haha right girls"Areea modded her head

Well you could here they crickets on this question

"Well okay I believe you"Luke said sweetly to her

ARE YOU ACCTUALLY KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW how could he just believe her she has him wrapped around her finger so much and I cant see how he is just taking all this but soon he will hear all the recordings but we do need more but I guess we just have to put up with it right now but I guess we are asll going out to eat I bet she will order a ice cube to keep her size 00 figure like how is she not dead she is so tiny but im hoping he will ask me out tonight at dinner hopfully

-6:45 pm-

Ashton p.o.v

I really hope this all goes as planned I would just take her out to dinner by myself but I think it would give it away im going to asked her out but they are still getting ready in the hotel so Calum and Michael went to set out lights and get flowers ill give to her cause if she were to come out she would ask where I am if I went so that's why they went and I hope they get it right but it isn't much just lights the posters and flowers

"Okay we are ready to go"Elissia walked in

My god did she look beautiful she had her hair curled like the first time I seen her and her super blue eyes but really light makeup so I could see her freckles  and skinny jeans with a nice shirt and vans simply yet beautiful

"You look so nice ba-Elissia"I stuttered

Did I just really almost call her babe well and I heard everyone in the bus go awww or oooo but after tonight that's going to be fine and she wouldn't mind but now she might mind and I tensed up scared of what she might said so she knew I was I was scared

"Ashton I don't mind if you call me babe baby maybe but not babe Luke calls me babe and we are just friends in your videos you call your fans babe its okay"Elissia said nicely

"I was scared for a second"I smiled

"I could tell"Elissia laughed

"Well ready to go"I asked

"Uhm where is Calum and Michael"Elissia questioned

"Oh they had to run out for a second they will be back any second"I said

Well I wasn't lying they did have to go out I was hoping they would have had it done by the time they were her but its okay Im really hoping Areea doesn't ruin this for us

"We are back"Calum walked in GusBus

"Okay can we go now"Elissia looking up at me

"Yes El-"I was interrupted

"Aye what did I say"Elissia demanded for me to say babe

"Fine yeah...babe we can go now"I hesitated

"Was that so hard to say"Elissia asked

"Yes it was it just sounds awkward to me"I resonded

-at dinner-

"Well this is nice Ashton I now feel undressed"Elissia looked down at her clothes

"You look fine again we will make apperence im pretty sure we are all under dressed exept Areea with her dress and heels"I said looking at the group

"I don't like to make apperences"Amber said basically hiding cause her shyness

"Well you have to get over that cause we are very weird and loud and underdressed all the time in public"Ashton said proudly

"Great im going to be forced to stand out in public"Amber shrugged

-later at dinner0

Elissia p.o.v

Well dinner is almost over and I don't think Ashton is going to ask me out Im really disappointed I thought he finally would just say it I guess not though maybe he just isn't ready to ask yet but soon maybe

"Well that was fun lets go back to GusBus I guess"Ashton stood up giving the waitress money

I put my head down sadly cause he never asked me out but I didn't mean for him to see me

"Are you okay"Ashton looked down at me

"Yeah just uhm a little cold the wind is cold"I made up something

"Oh here put this on"Ashton said giving me his sweater

"Uhm you know that your basically half naked and that's awkward and people are looking at you right now"I said putting on his sweater

"I have another jumper in the car from a fan"Ashton

"Haha jumper you're so Australian"I laughed

"Well I would think so I was born there"Ashton said in a sarcastic voice

Im really surprised Areea didn't mess up our dinner but I guess she is being quiet from when Amber called her out for lying so that's good but she is still annoying just sitting there like I just want to hit her one time and everyone probably thinks im really mean but I swear im not

-1 hour later on GusBus-

Lukes p.o.v

I do not like how they are treating Areea so she is a little mean but most the time she is joking she has a different type of joking then most people but she must be joking and she doesn't say any of that stuff to me but it is almost time for the surprise

"IM SO BORED ASHTON"Elissia broke the boring silence

"I know I am to Me Luke and Areea will go out and get something to do okay"Ashton said this is the signal to go

"Okay hurry up and get back"Elissia demanded

"Ill try"Ashton walked out of the bus

Ashton p.o.v

I really don't want Areea to be there cause I know she will ruin everything but maybe Elissia can just ignore it but I did decide to record the car ride and before Elissia and the others got there for some reason she sat in front while I drove

"Luke do you know if everything was okay with Calum and Mchael when they set it up"I asked

"They said it was set up but if it rains its gone but the lights are really bright but the blue is a darker blue then we thought"Luke explained

"Well that's okay I guess as long as they are shining"I said

I wanted to look really nice so I put a nice jacket tux thing over my sweater

I got to the field in a few minutes and turned on the lights and got a text from a number I didn't know but when It buzzed Areea smiled so I knew it was from her I guess Luke gave her my number it said

I hope this all goes wrong and she says no and you and her end up alone forever I should call you guys the ugly couple

Ofcourse she has already started but she is just a hater I ignore but I decided to just text Calum and Michael to get down here while I hid the car behind this abandoned building and walked back and got the cards ready them I seen head lights and the car stopped this was it if this messes up im going to hate myself I seen taylor help her out and hold her eyes closed and heard her say keep your eyes closed until we said open them I ran back silently behind her and got my Me poster and everyone got in their poitions

Elissia p.o.v

I wasn't even thinking about Ashton to then I was a little scared I did here someone running behind me I also felt the breeze as they ran past and I smelt flowers where are we

"OKAY 1....2....3 OPEN YOUR EYES"

When I opened my eyes and I seen medium beautiful blue lights shining and flowers everywhere and everyone except Areea and Ashton was in a line holding cards so I read out loud from Michael to Luke

"Will you go out with...."I stopped

Then Luke turned his sign over

"Turn around"I read so I did

Then I seen a dressed up Ashton with roses and a card saying me and he was smiling as wide as he could showing his dimples and chubby rosey colored cheeks and I couldn't help but instantly start crying no one ever has went out of their way this far to do something nice for me I just ran up to him and wrapped my legs around him I was crying not attractive but I couldn't help and put I just hugged im and couldn't stop smiling but I finally stopped crying and jumped down

"I would hope this is a yes"Ashton joked

"no im really disappointed Ashton you should have done more"I tried to be serious but laughed

But ofcourse Areea had to put her input on it

"Ugly couple like I said Ashton"Areea shouted from the car

"ignore her don't let her ruin our moment"I whispered to Ashton






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