I Was Just A Fan (A 5SOS Fanfic)

Hai my names Elissia (its pronounced el-e-see-a) Im 16 and my best friends are also both 16 their names are Amber and Taylor and we are all inlove with famous peope


19. Time To Go

Ashton p.o.v

I will never forgive Elissia or Luke for what they did but Luke is my best mate this is the only thing bad he has done to me in the time we have been friends I mean I cant blame him though Elissia said the kiss is her fault and yeah im mad but she was honest she kissed him first but I could never hate her or stop loving her without regretting it everyday of my life until I got her back so I cant overreact and break up with her or quit the band either way I would loose people I care about so I just have to get over it some people may wonder why not tell anyone well because it will only cause drama and the girls or guys might be mad at Luke or Elissia and Jeannie wouldn't trust Luke anymore and that would really hurt him and her plus they aren't dating or anything so its not like it is such a big deal but if she doesn't ask we aren't lying either so everything just works out by the time this was over and my day dreaming was over it was 1 am and Elissia and I decided to just do to bed

The next morning we all woke up late at 12:00pm Elissia and I went to the café downstairs and the others went to starbucks

"Ashton I really am sorry there is no way you are okay with this and can move on you trusted me I probably have lost all your trust now but I couldn't go on with the same feeling without knowing"Elissia said braking the silence at breakfast

"Elissia im swear you haven't lost my trust I mean you did tell me exactly what happened maybe a little bit but not all and yeah of course I'm still kinda mad but I love you so so so so so so much I couldn't break up with you or even say I stopped loving you without one lying to myself and two regretting it forever and if I quit the band I would disappoint all the fans the guys and I would loose my best friends"I said looking in Elissias eyes so she knew I was lying

I simply just kissed her then she was clearly upset with herself

"Well I'm basically kissing Luke ehhh"I joked

She wanted to laugh but she wasn't sure I could tell

"That was a joke you can laugh"I laughed

"Oh hahaha I wasn't sure"Elissia smiled

"We are the same people babe this doesn't change us I still love you the as much as I did and I always will"I said though she might have not believed it

After a few minutes it was 3 pm i guess we were taking forever so Elissia and I left to meet the others to go take a boat ride around the river we were near and Elissia and I started to act normal again and so did her and Luke we just decided to have fun and not let it bother us then Calum got a call from Niall while we were about to get on the boat and put it on speaker

"Calum where are you guys"Niall asked worried

"We are about to go on a boat tour right now in some city I don't know the name of with our girlfriends why whats wrong mate"Calum asked worried at the end

"Paul thought it was a week and a day until the show but its tomorrow you guys have to get here  by tonight or early in the morning Paul said he couldn't get any flights but if you guys started driving soon took turns driving all night you could get here"Niall asked still worried about time obviously

"Alright we will get our stuff together and start driving soon but can you call Paul and ask him if our girlfriends and friend can come with in like 30 minutes tell him thy will be staying with us while we are writing too so if they come it will be easier then them not coming them we have to get them then go back to LA"Calum asked

"Yeah mate sure ill text you what he says in a bit i and the other boys would love to meet them officially but what about cars and there parents and school"Niall asked a little less worried

"Oh we have our car then we have Taylors car too so its good there parents said its ok and they can do school like Luke does"Calum explained

"Ok but hurry we need you guys here really now but soon as possible"Niall said back to his worried voice

Calum hung up then

"Well I guess we will go pack and wait for Niall im guessing Paul will find a place for you girls and its the last show too"I said starting to walk back

I was hoping they can come if would be nice to be able to with them for months in a big city

Jeannie p.o.v

Everything is happening for fast its crazy I just got to meet my twin then the fans started loving me and Luke together now they are all over us being together or Elissia and him being together and with the band we are going to their last show on tour with one direction and are going to spend months witht hem who knows what could possibly happen in those months

Soon enough probably 15 minutes later Niall texted back saying we can come and I instantly got really excited this was going to be the best few months of my life

a/n sorry it is kinda short I didn't want another drama chapter

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