I Was Just A Fan (A 5SOS Fanfic)

Hai my names Elissia (its pronounced el-e-see-a) Im 16 and my best friends are also both 16 their names are Amber and Taylor and we are all inlove with famous peope


6. The Annoying Girlfriend

-1 month later-

Elissias p.o.v

"Are you guys ready to go yet"I asked making her way out the door

"We are its Areea she is taking forever"Amber said rolling her eyes

"Can we just leave her here like leave right now"Taylor asked

"No you cant and I can hear you guys so just hold on I have to look perfect"Areea said putting another 10 pounds of makeup on

"If you are worried about Luke not thinking youre pretty enough with all the makeup he doesn't really care and we aren't even going to see any of them until tomorrow"Taylor explained to her

I find this a perfect time to record what she says so I put my phone beside me and push record

"I don't care about Luke right now I don't care like what if we meet or a modeling person happens to see me tonight"Areea says finally putting her shoes on

"I doubt that will happen"Amber says

"Well you don't know that do you baby sister"Areea said walking to the car in her atleast 6 inch heals

"well I think since since Taylor and Amber drove last time we should drive this time Areea ill drive first if you want me to"Elissia offered

"Haha no I will not drive this old ugly car"Areea complained

"Areea grandpaw build this car for me himself but he died"Amber said hoping to make Areea feel bad about what she said

"I don't care what he did he is dead now its still a ugly car"Areea said not even wanting to set in it

I decided to stop recording here

"its fine me and Taylor will just drive three hours each"I said looking at Areea with a death glare

"if either of you get tired ill drive too cause that's the nice thing to do right Areea"Amber asked her

"Oh yeah I see it on television all the time its so sweet of people to do that if I wasn't famous and my beautiful hands could handle it without being hurt I would too but you know the struggles of being famous ya know...oh I guess you don't sorry"Areea sassed

-5 hours into the drive-

Ambers p.o.v

yay we are almost there Areea asked to have own room but we made her play for it I mean it isn't like she doesn't have the money for it ive got some good things she has said and so has Elissia and ive got a lot of her saying stuff about Elissia and Ashton I think one was I see why you like Ashton he looks 12 tops and you look about 9 youre so short and she also said ive heard Ashton and Luke was fighting over you I don't see why I mean look at you but I wish Luke and Ashton would have both maybe broke a bone atleast but turned against you and started beating you up too like what is wrong with her she is so mean its scary im scared for my life sometimes

"well we are here"a tired Taylor said


"ew no I will not sleep in here"Areea complained

"why its a big hotel"i asked

"There is a bug on the window"Areea pointed at it

"Its a fly and we are outside"Taylor said

"fine but if there is one bug in my hotel room I will not sleep here"Areea complained

"Its in there or in the car"i patted the car

"Uhgggg I feel gross even knowing you guys I will call Luke on you guys"Areea threatened

"Do it we know Luke it isn't like he wont ever be friends with us again"Elissia argued

"Yeah plus him and Elissia are like brother and sister I think he would pick her over you"Taylor pointed out

I seen Elissia was recording sercretly I hope she got the whole conversation

"Well we will see how long you all and Luke stay friends with me around and im sure the only reason he is so close to that thing is because he knows she is almost dating something as ugly as her and feels bad"Areea said walking toward the door

Elissia p.o.v

Its people like her that's make me feel bad about myself

We where almost to the door but we heard like screaming but weird sounds also coming from the back of the hotel so we decided to walk over well we had to make Areea come cause she didn't care of course it was scary though like what if we see someone being murdered but then we heard a laugh but like a evil laugh scary right but while the girls were turned around someone poke my sides cause me to scream slightly causing me to be to scared look so I made pushed Taylor trying to make her look but then they all jumped out to us making us scream but sighing in relieve to see it was just the guys exept Luke and as always Areea complained

"Ew get away from me you ugly people im calling Luke where is he"Areea shouted

"He couldn't come tonight he is with Liam he said he had someone to go see in his family where we were"Calum explained looking discusted at her

I really hope someone recorded that I think I never stopped recording so I 'casually' looked at my phone to see I never stopped good Luke will hear what she said

"Well he will hear this"Areea walked into their bus

"I see what you mean about her she is so horrible to everyone I wonder if she talks to Luke like this"Ashton questioned

"I don't think she does cause I don't think he would be with her if she talked to him like that"Michael said

Areea p.o.v

I don't care if they think their band will stay together for now I will not letLuke be around them Im not that famous in America and Australia but Luke is I wouldn't say using that sounds to mean just borrowing his fame for a few months and I don't know why but they all think Im mean Im not mean I just speak my mind if they met the other models they would think Im so nice

"ew look at this bus who could they even live in this"i spoke to myself






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