I Was Just A Fan (A 5SOS Fanfic)

Hai my names Elissia (its pronounced el-e-see-a) Im 16 and my best friends are also both 16 their names are Amber and Taylor and we are all inlove with famous peope


18. Test Trying Lelissia

Michael p.o.v

They has been so much drama in this band for the past 4 months but after Amber had her thing her out break we have been completely fine but everyone else is a different story Amber and I are just trying to stay out of it all of us just all of the sudden get girlfriends and Luke has already had one and broke out with her infront of like thousand of fans so I know they are just shocked too so it has been very dramatic for a while and I don't like it uhggggg can it all just be good and we be one big happy band family thing

"Michael I know its drama filled know but its going to be okay soon I swear"Amber said making me a little confused

Okay either she can read my mind or im just looked really mad

"It doesn't feel like that now"I said not worrying about asking how she knew what I was thinking about

"I know but it will work out okay everyone is going to stop fighting and we will all be happy I swear okay and if not we will fight it okay"Amber smiled

"But how do you know already what if we cant fix it"I asked

"Because Michael I love you an you love me and we all have a love so powerful over each other that the love is strong then the hate right now and the love will take over"Amber said

It shocks me how deep she can get with words out of no where

"Uhm ok"I didn't know what to say

"Oh haha sorry sometimes the writer in me just comes at random times"Amber smiled and looked down feeling embarrassed

"I like that its just random but good your able to do that"I smiled

After that we met up with everyone else because we were done at the mall and we didn't realize how long we were in there we got there at 2 and it was almost 5 by the time we left we all decided we would have a little celebration kinda thing for Taylor and Jeannie and for a last nice dinner before the tour ends for us to celebrate how far we came from youtube videos so we all went back to get nicer clothes on considering we looked horrible compared to where we were eating at

Amber I and Elissa and Jeannie were the first ones ready they get ready reallly fast compared to everyone else considering their girls too and of course because we are todays generation we all just stayed on our phone in the lobby waiting and for some reason when Luke is with other people besides the band he takes so many selfies with pointless things he finds amazing with them I think I counted three well 3 each with him and Jeannie together and him and Elissia together and some with Calum too I just ignored it

Until I got to twitter and seen #Juke or #Lelissia everywhere on all our accounts and the band account people asking and telling him he should only be with Elissia or only with Jeannie and Elissia is better to him and us but other said Jeannie is a better person I shouldn't say anything I don't want drama but they are going to have to find out sooner or later I mean they will see it so I showed Amber and she went and told a few people Elissia and Luke are only bestfriends she is with Ashton and Jeannie and Luke like each other they will probably go out soon at first I thought she shouldn't have said anything but I mean the captions were obvious they like each other for Jeannies picture which read "this girl <3" "waited for you my whole life #Juke I really ship us ;)" and "My other half" so there is no reason for us to hide it but I could kinda see why they would think Luke and Elissia are together because their picture captions are "I love you your my bestfriend :)" "I cant forget you I need you" and "<3 our relationship" but still Lukes tweets are all about Jeannie lately I mean he shipped him and Jeannie before the 5sosfam did but then I guessed Elissia seen it because she stood up

"They cant compare us he likes you im his friend only his friend"Elissia kinda screamed/said loudly

"What are you talking about"Jeannie asked

"Their fans they are saying #Juke or #Lelissia they cant do that we are completely different to him"Elissia sat down showing Jeannie

"Ok its ok they know you are with Ashton ok they are just saying this cause the pictures you guys took"I said trying to calm her down

"There is no way they can get Luke and I are together from our pictures"Elissia shook her head

"Uhm have you seem the pictures I can kinda see how they are confused or thinking this I mean in one your on his back in another you guys are hugging and another he is kissing your head so I mean I get it"I pointed out showing her the pictures

"So the pictures of Jeannie and Luke are her kissing his cheek then him kissing hers and them taking a normal picture"Elissai defended back

"ok yeah but he has known you longer and he talks about you all the time on twitter and yow know that and its been 4 months I think your forgetting you were a fan once too I mean if you just seen Luke with some girl he talks about all the time for 4 months then another girl comes in and he is kissing her too wouldn't you wonder"I asked

Elissia p.o.v

I guess Michael had a point but still they should assume so much then again I would do the same I guess I have forgot I was a fan now that im actually here its just different I know what they are actually saying and thinking when they read the tweets and stuff wow I guess I cant blame them for not knowing Ashton and I do post pictures like that but we official Luke and I are only friends and we post pictures like we are together Ashton and I do they same poses as Luke and I do but I didn't want to say anything until I talked to Luke about it hten I heard the elevator

"LUKE"I screamed running to him

"Woah what"Luke asked

I opened my twitter and showed him the hashtags

"Fix it"I demanded

"Ok its okay"Luke said dragging me away from the group

"I cant fix it now ok I want Jeannie and I to be official before I say we aren't a thing I mean we aren't but neither are I and Jeannie so we are just going to have to hold up for a bit"Luke said nodding

"But Luke"I whined

"Eliiiiissiaaaaa Im sorry ok"Luke hugged me

"Luke rally though Ashton"I said

"Ashton will understand ok he wont be mad he knows he are just really close plus he was with us when we took those pictures and so was Jeannie so he would have got mad then anyways but he didn't its going to be okay at least we know whats going on and stuff but don't respond to it ok im sure trhey are saying Jeannie or better or Elissia is better but to me well"Luke paused

"Jeannie is better"Luke said acting dead serious

I gave him my well known pouting face that makes everyone sad or feel bad even if they did nothing wrong

"Elissia you cant do that that's not fair I feel bad now"Luke whined putting his head down

Haha oh I love Luke..woah wait I do love Luke I tell him all the time but what is this feeling I feel inside me when I thought hat its the same feeling I feel when Ashton asked me out and we kissed and we hugged...no no way can I possibly still like Luke that was 4 months ago...well I never said I completely don't like Luke like at all even 4 months ago so maybe NO Elissia Ashton I love Ashton...does he feel the same

"Well its your fault"I laughed taking a while to respond because of my thoughts

"Ok I love you too I love you both equally and I will forever even if Jeannie and I go out"Luke smiled

I smiled back hugging him again but it broke me to hear him basically say he loves Jeannie already what is going on with me after 4 months im thinking about this does he feel the same he has to right he literally fought for me then let me go how could he possible do that

Luke p.o.v

I can't lie to myself it still kills me to this day to see her with Ashton I know I've dated Areea but I knew really loved her or could I even say I liked her she wa just a person to say i've dated nothing more and I am about to date Jeanne and yeah in the moment I do really like Jeannie well I guess you could say love considering I just said that to Elissia but when im with Elissia its like she understands me completely and we have a relationship that is unbreakable and I cant just get over her I fought for her and let her have her way and date Ashton just for her to be happy but in reality if I could have my way she would be with me and we would be perfect I wish she would feel the same but she doesn't she couldn't I mean I know she liked Ashton and I before but she chose Ashton she couldn't still possibly like me after 4 months and even though it wasn't official her and Ashton going out pretty much so i've kinda lost my chance anyways i've got to move on

"Well lets get back to everyone before even they think Lelissia is real"I said grabbing her hand I hope she felt the same feeling I did when I touched her

I just feel really bad now who do I like more

"Finally well Luke what are you going to do"Jeannie asked

With the feelings im having I don't even want to look Jeannie in the eyes it hurts to much so I didn't I knew she noticed but she didn't say anything

"Nothing yet just ignore it just don't ask why"I said trying to ignore her mostly I know I feel mean to her and I ended up hardly talking to either of them the whole time we were at dinner but also I feel like I need to tell Elissia how I feel well still feel and I think I will tonight so I was planning that too

"Luke are you okay"Elissia asked shocking me a bit

"What"I asked

"Uhm are you ok your really quiet to me tonight"Elissia shook her head

"Oh yeah im fine"I said

I couldn't tell her now infront of everyone thankfully she said ok but I could tell she was unsure about me then a few minutes later we left and it was almost to time to tell Elissia I am hoping she only want her and I to talk and he doesn't invite anyone else especially Jeannie

It felt like years for us to walk back I was tempted to burst out in a run with Elissia just to get there tell her I love her and get this over with but at the same time how will this effect us our relationship I love us the way we are now but finally we got up to the rooms and Elissia stepped out on the balcony of Ashton Elissia Jeannie and Is room and closed the glass door it was 11 pm ok I have until sun rise should I say it now or wait

"I'm sorry Luke"Elissia said making me puzzled

"For"I asked

"At the park you have Jeannie now you are hers she is yours you really don't need me okay not anymore"Elissia said which hurt me so much because I truly wasn't Jeannies

"Elissia you don't get it I love you"I paused because I do love her but I couldn't say it now plus I heard my voice change slightly

"And care for you you're my best friend ever even the boys and I cant talk like we do I need you more than anything Elissia I truly need you more than Jeannie okay yeah I wanted someone to be with and I do like her but as long as I have someone loving me that's all I need even if we aren't dating just having you by my side through everything everyday is good enough for me"I said

It hurts I can say this but I cant say three words that I say all the time but my voice would change when I said those words she would know I mean it like Ashton does I cant hurt Ashton either he is our drummer and my best mate

Elissia p.o.v

This hurts I cant even look him in the eye with out getting lost in something bigger I really so horrible what am I doing I love Ashton but Luke I love him too could I just say I love you but he has heard me tell Ashton I love you before my voice would change from the bestfriend I love you to the I actually love you voice and he would know instantly why are three words so much to say when I say them to him all the time oh yeah because I think I mean it I think we might feel the same but he has moved on to Jeannie so who knows and like it was planned me said each other names sighed and said I need to tell you something then freaked out

"Woah did we just"I asked shaking my head

"Yeah that was weird but you go first"Luke said the last part fast

"I don't want to you go first"I whined

"Ok lets just say it together"Luke suggested

"Ok"I said not even trying to hide I was so nervous

"I love you"We both said and we could both hear each others voice change to the I actually love you voice but then out of no where I kissed him I would pull back thinking of what I just did but I didn't I didn't want to I wasn't even thinking about Ashton and I know he wasn't thinking about Jeannie at all but I didn't feel anything why didn't I feel anything was I just thinking I like him was I just kissing him because that's what I wanted the whole time I was just a fan and didn't know him

We said it at the same time only I was going to say I think but I didn't how could I then all you could hear was a glass break on the concrete like I was slammed and their Ashton stood with a smashed vase of roses at his feet im guessing he was going to surprise me

"I LOVED YOU"Ashton screamed slamming the door back making me shocked what just happened

"I..i'm sorry"Luke shook his head

"No I should have just left it at I love you what was I thinking kissing you im sorry Luke"I said getting up running out of the hotel looking for Ashton and thankfully I seen him and grabbed his arm


"NO GET OFF OF MY DONT TOUCH ME"He screamed slinging his arm trying to get me off but I wouldn't let go

I never seen Ashton as mad as he was even when Luke and him fought

"Please Ashton please I love you so much please let me explain"I said trying to scream but I couldn't because of my tears

"You have a minute"Ashton said like a teacher would

"Well like when I liked Luke 4 months ago and I am his bestfriend and he is mine and I seen him with Jeannie like he forgot me so I was cherishing every minute we had together and I thought I felt something but don't blame Luke I kissed him first but I swear I didn't feel anything"I said hoping some of that made since

"Don't kill me or anything but I didn't feel anything either I must have really got over her but she is still my bestfriend I think I was confusing my bestfriend love "Luke said walking from the elevator

"Ok alright I will never probably forgive you guys for this but considering you guys are completely sorry i'll accept plus you guys say you didn't feel anything"Ashton said hugging me then I gave a quick

"Just think of it as a test try that was proven to be not real"Luke joked and we all decided to not tell anyone else and move past it


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